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    Forex Tracer Scam

    Is anyone considering to buy "Forex Tracer" http://www.forextracer.com/? My advise is: Don't ever buy it! Why? Because it is a piece of junk. While I may be an amature currency trader with little or no experience, but I can tell you why it does not work. First of all, no software or robot can predict the future of the currency market no matter how smart it has been claimed to be created. Second, the "Forex Tracer" is simply the same thing that you can get for free in many other websites that does the same (check out: http://www.forexface.com/expert-advisor-(ea)-articles/). Out of ignorance and naiveness, I bought the "forex tracer" and I have regretted and wasted my US$99 (it was under discount but cost more now). The worse part is their customoer support - in fact, there is none! Their claim of re******* to you the full amount if not satisfied is a complete lie. I have emailed them at lesst 3 times requested for a refund, but I never received a single reply from their "support team". Therefore, don't buy this piece of junk and save your money to buy something else more useful : )
    For more related topics log on to: http://bewareofinternetscams1.blogspot.com/

    David W

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    Re: Forex Tracer Scam

    :Like you said you are a novice at Forex trading - and your comments show that you do not realise there are ways to FORECAST market behaviour.
    FXtracer.com is just another FX Robot - and I have not compared it to others performances - so I can't say how it ranks.
    But Forex trading involves having a GUESS at which direction currencies are going. However it does not mean you have to gamble or just flip a coin - If you understand what moves markets, factors such as Supply and Demand, Government Policies, Changes in Interest Rates and Economic Statistics you can figure out the most likely direction of a currency in the short to medium term.
    Actually trading a currency though is a bit more difficult - because even if you have the general direction figured out currency prices move up and down like waves - so although you forecast a currency to rise it may immediately you place your order actually fall - then you exit your trade - probably stopped out - only to see the currency actually rise and go in the direction which you had originally forecast.
    FXivybot.com has this all figured out - so they say - and a computer robot has 2 major advantages over us mortals -1) It can perform infinitely more computations exceedingly quickly 2) They lack EMOTION - which is a tremendous inhibitor for human forex traders.
    If you do not want to rely on robots but will make trading decisions yourself then gopher it! Good luck

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    Re: Forex Tracer Scam

    Couple of Wiki links for those not up on speculation in currency exchange rates.
    Forex Scams

    The doctor has no comment on forex software, because he considers the Retail Forex market to be a mug's game; Vegas style thrills at best, and a lousy ROI for non-experts playing for less than millions.

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    Re: Forex Tracer Scam

    thanks for advice

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    Re: Forex Tracer Scam

    most websites that advertise some software programs for a fee are SCAMS the only one that makes any money is the person selling the program. most results are theoretical and are from the past they have been altered to make the program look good. If you want to trade FOREX legitimately then get an MS degree in Options or Financial engineering from a good " Quant" school of Business like Illinois Institute of technology in Carbondale, IL. it takes 2 years after a bachelors degree then post graduation go to work at a Risk management department at say BP or Royal Shell Oil and/or work at a trading bank like Deutshce bank for about 5 years. so it takes about 7 years post bachelors degree then you can go solo and or start your own hedge fund. but it takes at least an MS degree to learn how to trade FOREX among other commodities. you CAN NOT learn it from a soft ware instruction CD over a week end. those programs are SCAMS and the only one that makes money is the person that sells the program so FORGET IT

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