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    Big Bang's Oxdung Artiste

    This is hilarious - they got the universe all figured out - they are closing in on it! The case file is nearly complete.


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    Re: Big Bang's Oxdung Artiste

    Of course I did not read the article or buy the magazine. I only thumbed through when I was in the grocery store. I was a little surprised to see that this distinguished journal is peddling such a load of oxdung.
    Sounds like a moron to me.

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    Re: Big Bang's Oxdung Artiste

    i, like borreese, being lazy and spoiled, skimmed the article and have to AGREE with such statements as....DARK ENERGY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!? and i do beleive kazza our resident einstein i s of the opinion the big bang is the most logical explanation of the facts as we know them!? i agree with that too!? am i happy about such things!? no, not especially!? dark energy doesn't make 1 happy!?uurrr............maybe if you let go to it!? let it run!? ride that monster and do it's will!?what a RUSH!? just kidding!? i'm a wimp!? :chicken:
    i think 2012 may be the beginning of a new dark age!? worse than before!? i dont know, i wasn't there!? and i havn't studied it yet!?seems i recall the oldest religious writings of man have always pointed to the coming age of darkness KALA!? may the force be with you!? .....capital 1!!:2gunsfiring_v1: :
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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