i hope this essay is an eye-opener for the contestants on both sides in the debates on the arab-israeli conflict.

prior to the balfour declaration and huge influx of ashkenazim into palestine, the sephardic jews had a whole lot less trouble with their neighbors than the ashkenazim were having in northern europe, the balkan states and western asia.

today, even the sephardim and african falashas are not the caliber of jew as the mighty white ashkenazis who run the government and are heavily discriminated against.

one valid complaint of the sephardic sabras is inbound refugees from russia and eastern europe are given housing as soon as they kiss the dirt on arrival, while they whose families have been there for centuries get no like subsidies.

on the other hand, this thread is getting spawned from a discussion on why jews can pray in a mosque, but moslems are forbidden to enter synagogues.

the link below will tell why it's ok for jews to go in a mosque. can anybody give the same caliber legal definitions by the islamic religious authorities?