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    Why do people set their car alarms?

    Does anyone pay any attention to car alarms anymore?

    I don't because I am sure you have noticed that when they go off......

    There is no one there. The alarm is just making all kinds of noise for no good reason.

    Most ignore the alarm. I think most people think the car alarm going off is not someone trying to break into a car. People most likely think the alarm is some kind of fault in the system.

    You hear them all the time. The alarm is irritating. So it is easy to ignore.

    Though the other factor in making car alarms easy to ignore is that I have seen many cars alarms just go off for no reason. How many of us have looked at a car, and with no one around. The alarm goes off for no reason.

    So how effective are the alarms that make a lot of noise, and not much else.

    Well not that effective, unless the goal was to irritate people.

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    Re: Why do people set their car alarms?

    I laugh when people come into our parking lot (very rural and private here at our shop) and beep their alarm on, hell, I leave my keys in the ignition all day. Of course I have also seen people who set the alarms because of the people they see around them when they park, I think just because they want everyone to know they have one...

    A couple of short stories,

    While parking in downtown Boston, I got out of my car, and set the alarm out of habit (city behavior, and my Mom's car)). As I was walking away a kid on a bicycle rides by me and says under his breath, "man I could beat that in a second." referring to the alarm...And sure enough, when I got out of the show, the car was gone...It was recovered after a crack filled joy ride...My Mom had to sell that car because, even though I had it professionally cleaned, the bad mojo just could not be ignored...

    Then, when I was living in Newton (a suburb of Boston) I drove an Acura Integra GSR, I used to set the alarm every night (it never went off by mistake), but one...I spaced setting it when arriving home after a fun evening...Woke up the next morning and my car was up on blocks, alloy wheels gone...The kicker is, I had a set of locking lug nuts I had gotten as a gift, but had not had the chance to install...And I swear, one of my neighbors suddenly had new wheels...

    But yeah, I agree with you Howdy...
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
    -Hunter S. Thompson

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    Re: Why do people set their car alarms?

    Haha...I remember there was a comedian talking about this not so long ago. And it's so true. Seriously when was the last time you heard an car alarm and got worried that someone was stealing a car? All you think about is how somebody better shut it up quick!


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    Re: Why do people set their car alarms?

    and what about the clever alarms that give you a warning first!? i'll be in a parking lot going between cars when i hear this BEEP or or loud CRICKET sound so i then slow down and tiptoe my way clear!? cause no one wants to hear that incessant WAILING!? : :spin2:
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