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    ~ LifeLock ~

    Richard Todd Davis is considered one of the dumbest CEO's around. He started LifeLock a while ago, and was so sure his company could protect him, he posted his SS number all over.

    Since than, his ID has been successfully stolen over 20 times, and counting. His personal information is so abused, his official date of birth has been changed, among other things.

    A lawsuit filed in 2008 has brought to light a lot of dirt on the company.

    LifeLock apparently does not make true on it's $1 million guarantee policy, and even more disturbing, is they do not do very active fraud watch.

    More can be found here http://www.wvgazette.com/News/200805172662.

    I forgot to mention he apparently has a criminal history of ID theft ( of his father ) himself.
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