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    Crescent Processing Company

    Before you post or read anything on this site, please read this message from Crescent Processing Company’s Corporate Headquarters

    Crescent Processing Company works hard to ensure integrity in the sales process. If you are a sales agent or merchant with a concern or complaint about Crescent, we ask that you give us a chance to resolve your concerns by contacting me, Scott Stauffer, Vice President of Operations at 214-271-8083 or by email sstauffer@crescentprocesing.com. I would be happy to listen and discuss your concerns and will do my best to resolve them.

    Crescent Processing began operations in 2006, and today processes payments for over 30,000 clients in all 48 lower states and works with over 300 independent sales agents across the country. From the very beginning of our operations, we formed a company based on integrity and transparency. I know that anyone can say that, but is it true? Let me give you a few examples to make the point about Crescent:

    If you are a potential sales agent for Crescent…we set appointments for you every day (within 24-72 hours of your appointment date) and we confirm every one of our appointments. That means we get a third-party confirmer on the phone with the merchant to make sure the appointment is truly valid. We ask a series of questions to ensure the appointment is worth providing to you, the sales agent. We actually record that conversation to ensure integrity and accuracy. As an agent of Crescent, you have access to that recording. Does that mean the merchant will be present at every appointment? Unfortunately, no. Our prospective clients are typically small businesses with busy schedules. Meeting with a potential new credit card processor is not one of their daily priorities. Therefore, on occasion, they will not show up for the appointment, even though they just agreed to meet. We recognize that (and the trouble and lost time it creates for the sales agent), and so we are committed to continually improve the quality of our appointments.

    If you are a potential client of Crescent…we do something that almost no one else does. At the end of your meeting with our sales agent, we will get you on the phone with a third party confirmation agent. On that confirmation call, we will review with you exactly what the processing contract entails. Again, we record this call to ensure integrity and accuracy, and you have access to this call long after you become a client of Crescent. In addition, our merchant applications and terms and conditions are specifically designed to clearly disclose all relevant fees. We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our clients have clear expectations from the very beginning of our relationship.

    We also want to point out that many posts on websites like this are not upset merchants or upset sales agents, but they are actually competitors of ours trying to make us look bad. While we may not like that business practice or type of activity, it is something, unfortunately, that we have to live with.

    Having said all the above, even as we try to get better every day, we fully recognize there will still be times of misunderstanding and disagreements. As such, if anyone (merchant or sales agent) has a concern about our company or an issue with how we treated them or their business, we ask that you call our VP of Operations, Scott Stauffer, directly at 214-271-8083. He is more than willing to discuss any issues or concerns you have.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing by our merchants and sales agents, and we thought it was important to get this message out.

    Thank you,
    Scott Stauffer
    VP of Operations

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    Re: Crescent Processing Company

    Junior is referring to this thread : http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=18947

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    Re: Crescent Processing Company

    Only one way to describe this company. Deceptive business practices. Contact FTC website, BBB Dallas, Atty General Taxas, warn as many ppl as you can. close your checking account don't let them have another dime.

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    Re: Crescent Processing Company

    Well said.

    Crescent Processing Company is very misleading and very dishonest.

    I have a laptop of my own but they require you to pay 300 for theirs (which they "claim" you will get back) because it "has all the sales info you need on it". Send me a disc and I'll put it on mine! But no, they refuse to do that. And what kind of company charges you you 40 dollars (on top of the 300 for the laptop) just to start working for them?

    Thats how they make their money. By sending you a $200 laptop charging you $300 for it and they never refund your $300 anyway. So they make $340 dollars for everyone who signs up. They turn down noone. If you pay them, your hired. A friend of mine did it and he sent the laptop back to them over 4 months ago and still hasnt received his 300 back. This is only one of the seriously fed up thins he told me about this company. I could go on and on.

    Seriously, the only way you could stick up for this company, give them a good review, and call everyone who doesn't "idiots" you is if you were the owner of the company.

    I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

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