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    Is Check from Sprint Nextel a scam

    I was sitting here at home today and Fedex express showed up. They delivered me a envelope that was a overnite service. I opened it up and Just a envelope with a check for 3500 was the only thing in it. It was from Sprint Nextel and looks very legit. Nothing else was enclosed. I ran down to my bank which was the same bank as the check, and I told them the story and wanted to see if this was a fraud or scam. They are investigating it. I have no idea what it could be for as I have not had sprint for 3 years now. I did however have a sprint cell account for 4 years and my bill was almost 3 to 400 bucks every month for over a year due to them charging me for roaming fees.
    What do you think and have you heard of something like this?

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    Re: Is Check from Sprint Nextel a scam

    Odds on - and I'm surprised not to hear of this before - this is a practical joke.
    Someone responded to a 419 Scam e-mail, and used your name and address.
    Refuse any more deliveries from the return address on the FedEx, or shred and recycle them.
    Hopefully, the joker will make this a one-time thing; still I'd watch out for flaming bags of poo on your front porch.

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    Re: Is Check from Sprint Nextel a scam

    Fake check. Did you apply for a job online? Or maybe fill out a form with your home address? Possibly for a mystery shopping job? Check your email, bet there is an email from someone new in there, maybe in the spam folder, asking you to cash the check and Western Union somewhere. Don't cash the check. Don't send cash anywhere.

    Head over to FedEx and give them the envelope, it was probably paid for with a stolen account number and they will want to alert the correct business.

    This is the classic "cash the fake check, Western Union the cash overseas". It is not uncommon for the fake check scammers to pull home addresses from any site and send out checks in the hopes that one or more people will fall for it.

    A co-worker almost fell for this, she received a $5,000 check and to this day has no idea how a scammer got her address.
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