View Poll Results: Is Chis Kenoyer of OnlinePot is a scammer?

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    NaturalMeds (Chris Kenoyer, Owner of OnlinePot)

    Sorry about the poll question. I forgot to check the spelling.

    It was supposed to read:
    Is Chris Kenoyer of OnlinePot a scammer?


    This is a repost from another forum. I don't think he'll mind if I repost it here.

    FYI - MOM = Mail Order Marijuana

    I'd like to add that ordering from a MOM provider is extremely risky and most likely illegal where you're from. I do not recommend it.

    The post is by LetTheRainFall from 11-22-2008.
    Please, DO NOT delete this, i'm trying to warn anyone thats thought or was thinking about joining OLP, that Chris Kenoyer, the Owner of OnlinePot.*** is a SCAMMER.!

    He was begging for donations and when noone sent them in, he claimed to have got "arrested" and needed $1500 for bail, when noone could afford that, and only send $20 or $30 here and there, he then, made up a M.O.M. nickname, added himself to the "Legit MOM listing" on his forum's, then made a HUGE rant post on how good this "AAA+" weed was that he got from "Natural Med's" (the new MOM) which in ALL REALITY IS CHRIS KENOYER HIMSELF!!!!!!
    Offering to send samples, and after SO MANY read chris's bragging report on how "super good" the weed was, people started sending in orders, and got EMPTY PACKAGES INSTEAD!! chris was notified of all what happened, and REFUSED TO ACCEPT that Natural Med's was a scammer and insisted to keep ordering from him. he BANNED the first person to warn about Natural Med's being a scammer, then continued to ban other's who mentioned it as well, then Banned his OWN MOD from the forum's because he to, knew the TRUTH behind Natural Med's scam!! Chris continues to ban people till this day, who mention ANYTHNIG about Natural Med's being a scammer!

    Below, is a e-mail I got from Natural med's where Chris ADMITS IT WAS HIM THISE WHOLE TIME!!!!!

    Hash: SHA1

    If you want the truth u all ready got the answer. Ask yourself why
    have I no put up all the info I say I got on natmeds? All the ip
    addys, mailbox addys, email screenshots and all that shit? Cuz u
    I'm gonna myself by leading everybody to me? hahahahahhha I'll
    never post that info. I've been saying for a week now I got that
    info. But I won't post it. And when people like that Cole ask too
    many questioons, I just ban there asses!!!! It's so easy to fool
    you clowns. I just change up my typing syle for my scammer MOM
    nicks and u all think its not me--------until its too late!!


    Sorry to bring this here on , but somehow someone's gotta let everyone know about what Chris Kenoyer is up to.

    He refuses to work, and insteads, prey's on the innocent which are members of his board.

    A bit has changed on Chris' website since that post. Chris has since removed his forum claiming that it's to help protect his visitors from getting scammed.

    Has anyone here heard of Chris Kenoyer? Do you believe he's a scammer?
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