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    legitjobs website

    Does anyone have information on this website: www.legitjobs.net ?

    I am trying to find a legit work at home jobs.



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    Re: legitjobs website

    Site doesn't look legit to me.
    And the hit counter is probably fake...

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    Re: legitjobs website

    This site has actually been around awhile if I remember right. From what I remember they charge a fee and the you get access to their list of companies and jobs. Cheryl at wahm.com posts new jobs that are currently available for wahs all the time on her site, and they have a great list of companies that let you work from home as well. So basically you can get all the same information for free with just a little effort.

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    Re: legitjobs website

    It is a SCAM.
    Never pay for any job that doesn't tell you what it is, and doesn't sound serious.

    These are 2 email I got from one of their people. They run different websites, but all require you to pay a "small fee" through paypal or your credit card.

    here's email #1:
    Job: Virtual Data Service Position

    My name is Lori.J Stevenson , and I am a human resources supervisor at
    VDS Virtual Data Service I would first like to thank you for your interest

    in the position. Heres a brief overview of what we have to offer you.
    Remember if you have any questions please feel free to email me back,
    and I will be sure to respond personally.

    Job Description:
    -Work from home full or part time
    -Full online training
    -Pay based on per-completion basis
    -Work your own hours/days

    Computer and e-mail access
    Competent typing ability
    Basic internet knowledge
    Willingness to learn and set goals

    We are seeking only self motivated people with the desire to work with
    online advertising.
    No experience is necessary. You must have a computer with internet
    access, a working email account, and basic typing skills. You can
    to work full or part time and the hours are set by you. We recommend 18

    to 36 hours weekly. You will be processing responses from
    advertisements; this will be explained to you in the training
    Everything is sent via email. There is no contract to sign; the amount
    you choose to process is entirely up to you. As with any job, you must
    be able to respond to advertisements in a timely manner.

    You will be paid $15.00 to $20.00 for each application you process. For
    example, if you process 35 in a week you can expect to make $350 to
    $700 weekly. The average person makes $600 per week. The amount of money you
    earn is entirely up to you. You will be responsible for keeping track
    of your earnings for tax purposes. We do not take out anything for
    government tax purposes, nor provide accounting services.

    The training materials you receive will give you step-by-step
    instructions on how to get started. When
    you receive your training materials, you may begin working the same day.
    There are no special software requirements for this position, but familiarity with
    basic computer skills.

    Payment for work completed:
    You will receive your payments through PayPal for each application you
    process. There is a one time
    non-refundable fee of $15.00 USD. This cost covers the training
    materials sent to you. Once you process your first response, you will
    have made back this fee. This is just a small processing fee,
    from those who are not serious about doing this work. No business can
    cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide costly materials to
    everyone who inquires about this position. If this is not acceptable
    you, or you cannot afford this small cost, please disregard this email.

    The training materials and information will be sent to you after we
    receive your administrative fee, you can begin immediately.

    If you do not have a PayPal account, click on the link below to open a
    free account so you can receive payment for your work and purchase your

    training materials. Please notify me once you have made the payment, so

    I can be sure the materials are sent to you. This is a completely free
    service and it is a verified secure website. When making your payment,
    please enter Service/Other in the For: field. Please send
    your payment through PayPal to our account at [email protected]
    You will receive your materials within twenty-four hours. If you do not,
    please email me with your PayPal address so I may confirm receipt.

    ************************************************** ****************************
    Lori J Stevenson
    VDS Virtual Data Service
    Asst. HR Supervisor

    To be removed please,reply remove in subject.

    EMAIL # 2
    Job: $14/hr In-Bound Customer Service Representatives~


    We are currently seeking highly motivated individuals with positive
    attitudes to deliver high quality customer service to our prospective
    and existing customers. Full-time positions are available to staff a
    seven-day-a-week outbound virtual call center.

    Call Center responsibilities will include assisting customers with
    product information, as well as researching and
    resolving client inquiries verbally, in writing and on-line. Must have
    computer access will work from home.

    Candidates must have demonstrated client service, interpersonal,
    verbal and written communication skills and ability to function
    professionally under pressure.

    Compensation $14.00/hr
    Full or partime / Medical + bonus

    apply: http://www.legitjobs.net

    Melanie Harrison
    Shift Manager

    remove:reply [email protected] put remove in subjectline

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    Re: legitjobs website

    There are many legit jobs available online free, don't waste your money

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    Re: legitjobs website

    Legitjobs want you to pay a fee to find work when you can spend a couple of hours a day researching online to find legitimate home jobs. There are plenty of remote jobs that does not ask for a fee.

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