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    Scammed in Mexico!

    I would like to let anyone out there who has had the misfortune of timeshare/holiday club harrassment, with later regret and holding a signed contract to contact Gonzalezgonzalezlawfirm.com. I was apprehensive to say the least to hire over the internet after being scammed once already by high pressured sales people but felt I had nothing to lose. The service, Samuel and Cindy gave were marvelous! I am happy to report that they managed to get our contract cancelled and our deposit back! Thank goodness!

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    Re: Scammed in Mexico!

    Mexico anymore is a bad deal. Was a time it was really fine. Cancun was ruined by thieves busting into hotel rooms at resorts. The smart and/or well-heeled no longer 'do' Cancun or Play del Carmen or Cozumel. That's why it's dirt cheap to go to these once highly-touted areas. Now you will see questionable 'Americans' and a lot of Europeans.
    Also, recent hurricanes in the last five years have ruined the looks of the sand and water. Was a time the beaches were deep in width with white sand and the water impeccable. Severe hurricanes bashing a place over and over tend to change things.
    I was once obsessed with the Yucatan but now wild horses couldn't drag me there. Puerto Vallarta overall is very nice but the timeshare thugs are way out of hand. When I left Vallarta in 2005, the Mexican government was in the process of passing laws re: timeshare. I have no idea what the content of these laws are, but I can tell you it was way out of hand there.

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    Re: Scammed in Mexico!

    Hello, Good thing you let us know because i was going to stay their with my family. I am new by the way.:bunny:

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    Re: Scammed in Mexico!

    Quote Originally Posted by johnst View Post
    I have become a victim of this scam since January 2012. I was directed by a closer at the Hyatt after touring their facilities in Cabo San Lucas. Grand Weeks took me for $5239 on my credit card and then Essential Resorts got me for another $2189 until I finally called Stop. The third company players were a couple of guys out of a housing development in Laredo, TX posing as BVI Financial. These guys were John Saints and Joseph Cole, most likely fictitious names.


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