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    HellishDollar PTR

    That's a real Scam. Never payed and th Site
    is vanished.

    The hosting account of this domain has been suspended. The possible reasons for suspension of a hosting accounts are
    1. The domain owner not paying the hosting fee.
    2. The domain is running some unlicensed script.
    3. The domain is involved in a spam complaint.
    4. The domain is involved with network abuse actvities.
    Please contact the support department if you are the owner of this domain. If you are just a member of this site, please contact the domain owner directly. You can find the owner's contact information at whois.net .

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    Re: HellishDollar PTR

    Well, by the look of the site, i tought so...
    I am just feeling sorry for the guys promoting it like crazy....
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