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Thread: Best Buy

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    Best Buy

    I have been seeing some complaints about BEST BUY. Some people seem really angry with them.

    I have never had a problem with them. I always found the customer service good, and had no problems with any products I bought there.

    Though there does seem to be some anger when it comes to them.

    What are your thoughts?

    I don't know if this was the proper area for this thread. I am not saying BEST BUY is a scam.

    I am just wondering how people feel about them.

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    Re: Best Buy

    The only issues I have had with them is around software returns. They won't let you return opened software... for that reason, I never buy software from them anymore.

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    Re: Best Buy

    Same problem

    open the box they will not accept it- i refuse to buy software from best buy as well

    Twice before I quit them I opened boxes to see completely broken disc, obviously destroyed in shipping- they refused to even take the software back for store credit...total BS

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    Re: Best Buy

    The only issue I have had with them was trying to buy a back-up laptop. I just needed a basic model to check emails and bank balances while traveling. The salesman tried to convince me I needed to spend 3X my budget for the faster, more memory model. I kept telling him I don't download music and the model I wanted was fast enough to read email and would play movies just fine while waiting in an airport terminal. After 15 minutes of argueing he finally went in the back and brought out the one I wanted but continued to say that it would not work for me. After 2 years, it is working just fine and still does everything I need it to.
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    Re: Best Buy

    For soft ware - don't bother. For everything else I find I get what I pay for, but if I want high end items with a knowledgeable staff I will go somewhere else

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