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    Re: Reliv, harmless MLM....or?

    Being in a business that "has a small percentage of people who make it" makes it your responsibility to speak up. Your father should trust your judgment if you have had success. Just make sure that you have something to speak about and have solid facts.

    Ask probing questions:

    1) What is the cost to start-up?

    2) How much does he have to sell to make that money back?

    3) What are the profit margins?

    4) Are the profit margins realistic for the industry? Include those of non-MLM companies because they too are your competition

    5) Is this something your father believes in? Determine if he's just excited about the prospect of making extra cash or if he truly believes he's doing people a favor by selling the product. Recruiters, sponsors, and companies make it their business to excite new people.

    If he doesn't believe that he's doing people a favor and that he has the best product in his market than DON'T bite.

    6) Is this a realistic non-emotional decision?

    7) How much time must be devoted to making a profit and how much time is he willing to commit to make it work?

    8) Has he researched with full skepticism the competition, the industry, and the history of the company?

    9) Just so you are aware that I know of a business that was shut down for Fraud that had several years of good standing with the BBB.

    10) If you can't find alot of information about the company that is not necessarily a good thing

    11) What kind of loss of family time, social time, career time, life time, and money will he lose if this doesn't work for him? If he goes for it; Set the conditions for what time, reason, and purpose he will give up if necessary. Don't budge.

    12) Message me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by kilgoretrout View Post
    Well thanks for the help, friends! That's kinda what I thought. The product itself is harmless at worst (minus lung fluid, ew), and maybe actually nutritious at best. But yeah, its an MLM, wasted effort is right! But who knows, maybe he'll be one of the few that make a little extra cash. I'm also in a field that has a very small percentage of people who "make it", so I have a hard time telling him not to try!

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    Re: Reliv, harmless MLM....or?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisDoyle View Post
    Can you think of ANY MLM product that you have a positive opinion about?

    Yes I can, and I use them.

    However, people shouldnt be making claims of being able to cure anything, its illegal. Dont blame the company though, blame the person making the claims.

    Supplement products will work differently for different people; some will have no effect at all. This one didnt work for you, but will work for others, simple as that.
    That is true, and I actually did have some positive results. I just dont think that these companies are really in it for the "better of mankind" because if that was true, then why use a marketing system that by their own admission has a 99% failure rate. Personally I would never go into an investment with a 1% chance of success. These guys all pump up our heads with these thoughts of "financial independence" and "living life the way YOU want to". In my experiences the only way to do that is to work hard and find a way that is time tested, not some product line you have to give up your life for and piss off all the people around you. I speak from experience, and I am in no way discrespecting the hard work that the 1% have to put in to be successfull. Its just a house of cards in my opinion, plus the way I was told to take it was a bit extreme and if nothing else was going to hook me for hundreds of dollars a month. Its a decent product, but its just like all the others and I think it is WAY overpriced and if it REALLY REALLY did what they say, the New England Journal would be all over it and we would all know about it. If it realy does work and the top dogs at Reliv know that they really did make the magic potion we all are waiting for, then shame on them for making it so unavailable to the public and gouging the people in real need. These testimonial guys are saying that it has cure some really serious things, over the top things. When it sounds to good to be true....................

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