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    Jackie F. Kennedy v Hillary Clinton: Rewrite real

    Jackie F. Kennedy - TRUE STORY revealed worldwide first - most successful piece in the End of the USA puzzle, among those placed using "Rewrite History" techniques

    Rewrite fake v Rewrite real History or Hillary Clinton v Jackie F. Kennedy

    The illuminati are about to rewrite the fake "History" they just wrote 9 months ago, with "Obama" stripped of the 44th presidential title and Terminator Hillary Clinton replacing "Obama" as the President who came after GW Bush.
    Before that happens they will begin to execute global genocide in Illuminatziland, alias Vaccination.
    Immediately after the detonation of fake suicide bomber "Obama" the illuminati will officially launch supervised ethnic civil war.
    That is why explicitly revealing the key piece in the End of the USA puzzle, among those placed by the Illuminati using "rewrite History" techniques, should no more be delayed.
    No, it is NOT the "Hillary Clinton used to rewrite fake History" piece. Everything about it was already explicitly explained and predicted by Prophet long ago.
    It is the "Jackie F. Kennedy used to rewrite REAL History" piece.

    The TRUE STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy

    The REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is the most successful piece in the End of the USA puzzle, out of all pieces placed by the illuminati using "Rewrite History" techniques.Why was that piece so successful? The answer goes well beyond the fact that until today nobody else identified it in public.
    The solution to the first riddle revealed to be part of the murder of her son (1) should be enough to let you get what the TRUE STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is. If that is not the case, then read additionally one or both these typologies: "ILLUMINATI MARRIAGES" (2) or "Rewrite History techniques" (3).

    Not yet clear? One more hint: identifying the missing piece is not required to get the illuminati joke about Jackie's half-brother, released June 2009. (4)
    Yet understanding that illuminati joke is useful to get what the REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is.

    (1) http://illuminati-murders.blogspot.c...ull-story.html

    (2) http://illuminati-marriages.blogspot...-typology.html

    (3) http://rewrite-history.blogspot.com/...ues-basic.html

    (4) Illuminati Jokes: among the "thousands" that the police has so far "investigated" for children pornography(1), the first to be named is ... Jackie's half-brother.
    June 9, 2009- "Jackie's half-brother eyed in kiddie porn scandal"
    Example of CIA psy-ops "commenting" these "news", immediately after they were published:

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    Re: Jackie F. Kennedy v Hillary Clinton: Rewrite r

    What color is the sky in your world?
    "Religion is a heavy suitcase: all you have to do is put it down."
    "I have read the bible...more than once. I was not impressed nor was I so moved to give up my ability to think for myself and surrender my knowledge of facts for the unfounded belief in a mythical sky-fairy." - Me.

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    Re: Jackie F. Kennedy v Hillary Clinton: Rewrite r

    Quote Originally Posted by LogicallyYours View Post
    What color is the sky in your world?
    The real questions are who the is Jackie F. Kennedy and why should we care about the death of her son?

    I think someone stepped off the deep end without their water-wings.

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