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Thread: Relationships.

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    I know it sounds a cliche, but why do we do them?

    Deep down are our expectations always too high, is it really about sex, fear of being alone, what is the motivator?

    Relationships, put simply, should be a pleasure, okay.

    You put time and effort in, so yes, it is meant to be a pleasure.

    But think of the population of your city, right now.

    How many relationships do you think are really happy, deep doewn?

    How many of them would leave the other person, if a better offer were to come along?

    How many arguements are going on tonight, between couples, in your state? Right now.

    I bet it would be plenty.

    Now, is that a pleasure? Not unless you are masochistic.

    Now, I realise that nothing is perfect, and everyone has arguements, but I am talking of the millions of people who are in relationships and marriages that are positively not healthy.

    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Relationships.

    so your suggesting that in the half of the world where no war is allowed, neither are relationships!? : :spin2:
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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