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    Springbok development Limited

    Hi, This is my first post, and I would like to say what a good idea for a site.
    I would like to ask if anyone has heard of Springbok Development Limited or Springbok Finance Group, I got called from a guy from Springbok finance to invest in there Ecologgia segregated portfolio fund, does anyone know if this is a scam or a very risky investment.
    Your input would be most welcome.
    Thanks, Barry.

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    For anybody investing in Springbok- I invested in their in St Dolay project early last year and saw growth of 46% within a 14 month period. Am now in the "Ecologgia" fund at £35000- expecting around 110% returns, fingers crossed!

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    I read that they are "guaranteeing" 10% return. As with any private "investment" that guarantees high return rate it is safe to assume that it is boiler room scheme.


    I checked their registration

    Accounting Reference Date: 30/06
    Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
    Next Accounts Due: 12/03/2011
    Last Return Made Up To:
    Next Return Due: 10/07/2010
    So in 2006 it was empty shell company and they they have not filed since.

    Also check here

    Company No: 05476240
    Registered Office: Incorporated: 09/06/2005
    Company Type: Private Limited
    Legal Status: Company Dissolved
    Report Status: Full Dissolved
    Accounts Type: Unknown
    Latest Accounts to: 31/03/2007
    Latest Return to: 09/06/2006
    Does it mean that company does not exist anymore?

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    It sounds like a great way to lose exactly 100.0% of your money. ing1:

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    Hi, I am sure they are not a boiler room scam, I have been in touch with them for the last 6 months, and have recieved an email form them today. They also have offices in London and helped me get money back from a land banking scam. Address 45, Beach Street, Barbican London.

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    New registration as 06932541, 12 Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent, incorporated 12/06/09. Same address as pringbok Finance Limited which started in 2002.
    The address at 45 Beech Street, Barbican rents offices on a per month basis, or it could be a virtual office.
    I got an offer for the Ecological fund, 10% return guaranteed. Invested through Impala Limited SPC in Cayman who control the fund. Also read the contract and even if I had not been cold called I wouldn't touch it! Investment is in Euro so there is also the exchange rate gamble.
    BorisZ:- 30/06 means 30th June!
    baz1:- how come you post here with 6 months experience of this company yet you started a thread here and on on financemarkets.co.uk on 30 july 09?
    david75:- did you actually see the money or was it just transferred between funds?

    Yes I am a sceptic

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    Re: Springbok development Limited

    Hi, I posted this when I was contacted about the fund, so was trying to find info on them. I have now met the owner of the company, who is a very nice chap. They are also now known in the city via brokers for their land and property development. Due to them being relativly new there is very little info on them, they are due for a new web site soon, so this should be better for info.

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