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    Ron Sharron - Rds Equity

    Dr Ronald D. Sharron CEORDS Equity.

    Beware of the aforementioned and his alleged aptitude for huge Real Estate deals. A Liar,manipulator and I daresay, a sociopath. This guy will stop at nothing to reel in his victims. He needs to be exposed for what he really is.....Please post your experiences here....

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    Re: Ron Sharron - Rds Equity

    Can someone tell me more about this individual; his company? Etc.

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    Re: Ron Sharron - Rds Equity

    First of all, Ron Sharron is not a doctor as he proclaims.. All he does is live off his SS disability and create ficticious companies on his computer. He owns nothing, has no money, and lives in a low-income housing development in Lewiston, ME. Tall Pines...
    He is a liar and a scammer. Don't waste your time dealing with this guy...

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