Those of you who've been around this forum for a while will have noticed a thread on Andrew Reynolds. On that thread we occasionally get people who try and promote their own products. These people usually realise, pretty quickly, that this is NOT the place to promote their products.

One such person is Imran Yousaf. Imran's English isn't good. In fact it's awful. So, when Imran pops up on the forum and tells us that he's built (in his words 'build') a website all on his own in which the English is fine and which has half a dozen different sections with different products that he's trying to flog, there is a certain amount of scepticism.

In fact, the consensus is that a) the stuff he's trying to sell is the same old rip-off crap, b) he hasn't made any money in the fields of internet marketing or information publishing and c) he doesn't have the wit or ability to build his own website. Oh, and none of the stuff he's trying to flog is original -it's all produced by someone else.

Now, Imran would have us believe differently - but he keeps posting in a thread that has nothing to do with him. So, I've decided to start a thread just for him.

If you'd like him to post the links to his website, please ask him to post them here. In fairness, I should point out that anyone who then decides to Google him will find him here, in In fact, a search for "Imran Yousaf scam" will show him at No 1 position in Google.

His user name is Imy78.