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Thread: Cy Kern Glongoo

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    Cy Kern Glongoo

    After reading the ads in the San Diego Union, June of last year, I went to Dr. Seymour P. Kern's 'seminar' at the lounge of the Four Season's Aviary hotel in
    Carslbad. After his spiel, I was promised the ******* for both business and real estate of my choice with just $25,000 for a $1,000,000 line of credit ! I didn't have to worry about credit, collateral and cash because Dr. Seymour P. Kern has promised that Empower Capital would take care of it.

    Months went by as Dr. Seymour P. Kern aka 'Sam King' has managed to put me off and lead me on a 'wild goose chase' with a few of his 'associates' all posing as 'legitamate' lenders and 'money brokers', when in fact, they were all bogus people, scam artist working for Empower Capital.

    I have tried and tried and tried to reason with Dr. Seymour P. Kern to give me my hard earned money and he would always manage to make an excuse, like he's in the UK trying to get more get ******* for my proposed business and real estate venture and all attempts failed. He has made so many promises and have not
    delivered on any of them. He still has not refunded my last $25,000 and I am completely broke and in a very desperate situation !

    I've contacted the San Diego City Attorney's office for over a year now and have not gotten any responce from them as of yet. They say Empower capital, aka JVREA and now called Glongoo, aka Sam King aka Dr. Seymour P. Kern is still under investigation. The Board of Optometry has also revoked his licence for fraud! When will this cheater and thief be put to justice ! Can anyone help me and so many others retrieve our hard earned money from this crook and scoundrel?!

    La Jolla, California
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