Santa services my furnace and gives me our home heating oil deliveries. In December 2008 they came here 4 days in a row to fix issues with heating zones and they said that it was fixed properly and the furnace was now working properly and clean. The reason why they had to come here 4 days in a row as because the service reps kept breaking the switches for heating zones other then the one they were sent there to work on. This past Monday June 15 2009 the furnace shut off again. I phoned Santa for a service call and they sent a man here about 3pm. He said the filter was clogged and also that the last Santa rep that was here installed the wrong filter. He said he cleaned the unit and installed the right filter and we paid him and he left.

About 2 hours later the furnace shut off again. I phoned Santa and they said someone would come out the following day. About an hour later there started to be a strong odor of oil throughout the house. I checked the furnace and noticed a stream of oil pouring out of it onto the basement floor. I phoned Santa at 8pm and reported this and was informed that my account had been terminated and there was nothing they would do. I emailed the owner of Santa and reported this and asked for help. I begged the service rep to send someone and was told again that my account had been terminated and they would not send anyone. I told them I had a wife and 3 kids including a 7 week old baby and was in fear that this might be a health risk. I emailed Santa owner again at 8pm telling him about the oil leaking out of the furnace. I had to phone another furnace repaid company called Pack Timco who dispatched a rep and was here by 9pm to stop the flow of oil and diagnose the problem. I was told that the filter had been put on wrong by the Santa service rep who had been at my house at 3pm and this caused the oil to leak. I was told by the Pack Timco rep that I should go buy kitty litter and pour it in the oil that was now over 30% of my basement to clean up the spill of at least 15-20 gallons which I did right away. At 10pm I emailed the owner of Santa relaying to him what the Pack Timco rep told me and asking for help. No response ever came from Mr Santa.

The next day at 730 am when Santa offices open I phoned and was told the manager that I never called them about leaking oil and was told I lied about it. Then I got put on the phone with Peter Russell who said he would come down with someone to clean it. About 11 am they showed up and cleaned up the oil. They took all the pots from my kitchen that I was using to catch the oil once I noticed the leak and they had another company called Serve Pro put an air cleaner in the basement for 5 days. All this did was mask the odor of the oil because once the guy came and took the machine out the smell came back right away. I informed Peter Russell from Santa daily that the smell was still all over my house, the kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and laundry room still had a strong smell of oil and I wanted it taken care of. Peter Russell said that he had 200 gallons of oil delivered for free and that was the extent of what Santa was willing to do. I told him I ran a business out of my house on the same floor as the basement and it was less then 20 feet from the oil spill and I lost 1.5 days of work so my home, my business and my family was damaged by the negligence of Santa and he refused to compensate my further. Serve Pro informed me that Santa could have had my floor scrubbed to get the smell out but they would not spend the money to do this. Instead they had an air filter sit in my basement for 5 days which did nothing. I hired an air testing company to test the air and they found toxins in the air and I have the report. I informed Peter Russell of Santa and again was told that he would do nothing about it. Santa behaved in a grossly negligent manner and I seek restitution for the damage to my home my business and my family. I explained all this to Peter Russell from Santa Energy several times and he said that they didnt care about the smell of the damage and was unwilling to do anything else about it.

My home has been damaged by Santa Energy and Peter Russell and Tom Santa are unwilling to take care of it. My business has been damaged by Santa Energy and Peter Russell and Tom Santa are unwilling to do anything about it. My family including my 7 week old baby and my 4 year old who suffers from asthma has been sicken by the strong toxic smell of oil and Peter Russell and Tom Santa are unwilling to do anything about it.

When they agreed to service my home they promised fast courteous service and instead they were negligent and fraudulent in there promise. They should offer restitution for the damages and they simply refuse which is why I am posting to this site so that other people can see how Santa Energy does business and how poorly they treat customers.