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    Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    We imported 600,000 cars from South Korea in 2008 while they only allowed us to export 7000 cars into their country. If you, your children or a friend is being hurt by the recent financial problems this country has been experiencing, and if you drive a car or truck not made here in USA, you have no reason to complain, you helped caused this mess. Add in Japan and China and you begin to see the reason for our problems. This country was built on the Automotive industry, now Korea, Japan, and China are being built by our stupidity. Your grandchildren will live in a 3rd world country, The United States of America. Enjoy!

    When we are at war with China will sell us axles for our tanks and jeeps? Will they sell us the steel to make the bullets to shoot at them?

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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    Yeah, because protectionism worked so well during the Great Depression....

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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    My wife is financial controller for a Subaru auto group. Our Subaru's were built in the USA.....So, who is this boycott going to help?
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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    Kia to build plant in U.S...

    Not to mention the other foreign auto plants already in production in the U.S.

    Perhaps our economic woes are not solely based upon auto manufacturing? Do you think that, possibly, banks and other large financial institutions might have also had a hand in this?

    Did you know that that Ford you're driving might have been built in Canada... making it an import. What about GM?

    You're chasing a red herring with this one... The troubles with the U.S. auto manufacturers were of their own doing due to poor upper management.

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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    Say what you like all the way to the unemployment office.

    Also they were/are forced to compete against a stacked deck, foreign manufactures have state health care, the big three have to pay it them selves. That's what we call fair trade???

    So I hope your children and grand children can afford a car, but it does not look good. We know they wont be buying homes, but never fear you can sell yours to the Japanese, they love homes in America.

    And you bitch about protectionism, try to buy land in Canada, or China. lol Good luck on that one.

    Try to sell something to Canada, custom fees, broker fees, and a drive by your costumer to the boarder to pick it up, fair trade at its best!

    We need Real Balanced Trade Why does everyone think it is ok for other contries to practice protectionism but not us???
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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza. View Post
    What! The US actually built 7,000 cars last year?

    Wow! Who'd a thunk it!
    More than 7K; that's just the number that made it off the dealer lot before shaking apart into a pile of rusty scrap.
    Th' ol' US can build a decent car - viz: the Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape, built in Kansas City - but the doctor has observed a steady deterioration in quality since the late 1960s.
    Poor design, insufficient research, failure to forecast market trends, failure to upgrade aging plants - Detroit got fat n' sassy in the 50s and 60s, and thought they had a free ride on the Endless Highway - then the Japanese came along in the late 70s , and ate their lunch.

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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    I have a 11995 Audi that is built in Germany (288,569 miles) and still going strong. Yes its built in Germany but it gets worked on my my American mechanic.

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    Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    I put 295,000 miles on my Dodge Truck, my wife got 225,000 on her Olds Cutlass, My Jeep went over 400,000 miles. My GMC truck has 224,000 and still runs great. Humm

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