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    New user wants to know where the "real" opportunities are.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm brand new to and am very grateful that this kind of site exists. I'm about to make a foray into the homebased/internet opportunity world and find the information here pretty useful for the most part. I thank all of you posters for letting the rest of us know of the scams and all the weasels out there.

    The question that is looming largest in my mind is actually quite simple on the surface. If discusses the scams out there, where are the good, real business opportunities out there? Does anyone have any "scam approved" businesses that they are willing to share? Are any of you actually making money in a way that a "normal" everyday working guy can? I'm willing to put in the time, effort and a modest startup capital outlay but every single company I've looked at has showed up in this forum. There are so opinions here that I don't know what to believe. Can anyone offer any advice?

    Thanks again to everyone for taking the time and energy to alert others to unscrupulous businesses out there looking to make a fast buck by preying on those looking to enhance their lives.


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    Re: New user wants to know where the "real" opportunities are.

    Sure...message me. Do your due dilligence and search around as well...everyone will tell you why theirs is the best. Take care

    -Nate Calima

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    Re: New user wants to know where the "real" opportunities are.

    Very few "genuine" businesses I'm afraid to say. The health and wellness seem to be done to death (an Oxymoron I know) Telecomms too crowded and competitive. One new idea springs to mind. pm me
    i will send you some info. Very modest start up (less than $20.00 a month) if you have broadband a PC and a digital camera you could be in business straight away.
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    Re: New user wants to know where the "real" opportunities are.

    Agel is the reason I came to this site, after spending some time looking around I see it is the same as all the others in the health "area"

    Sell the junk around your house on Ebay. You will make more, and you will not have to lie to anyone.

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