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    FAST Google INCOME (What A Scam)

    This site has been turned into the attorney general in many states and is a matter of time before it runs it's course, They get you to sign up for the free disk with a minimal shipping charge, but in the background almost the same color as the page are the disclaimer's they are makegooglefastcash.com, SCAM I have four phone numbers for their customer and after four hours on hold there is no customer service."" BUYER BEWARE"":zx11pissed:

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    Re: FAST Google INCOME (What A Scam)

    The only genuine way to earn money online via Google is through their Adsense system It is FREE to subscribe to.
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    Re: FAST Google INCOME (What A Scam)

    Yes this is a scam. Don't order any of the programs posing as Google affiliates. They have many different names, but the scam is the same for all of them. You will be charged for something that you are never told about.

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    Re: FAST Google INCOME (What A Scam)


    Just been caught in the same way by Clickmoney!

    They sell you FREE 2 week access to the website for $1 then hit you for $129 2 days later for a lifetime membership.....too late! It's in their Terms and Conditions which I never received or saw anywhere in the info I read!

    And there's no way of canceling your membership on the website.....

    and guess what, you're automatically signed in to 2 additional sites which will start hitting you with charges as soon as your free trial runs out which could've been the day before you signed up (if it's in the disappearing Terms and Conditions)

    Still waiting for my FREE CD!

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    Re: FAST Google INCOME (What A Scam)

    Clickmoney has now refunded my money in full.

    So I think the lesson is to write to the company and make a full complaint as quickly as you can in these circumstances. You might get lucky like me and have your money refunded.

    Just maybe Clickmoney is an OK company. I do hope so.

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