Advertised as a part time job, requiring 3- 2 hour interviews.
Background check and drug screening.
You are guaranteed 26-1/2 hrs a week.
You are hired as an employee of one particular store.
They do not pay you the 1-1-1/2 hrs. required inputting of information online after you get home from work, with a time dead line.
Once hired, they immediately hire one or more people to work in the same store.
You essential have 6 bosses.
When new people are hired your number of hours start to rapidly drop.
You end up working 6 to 12 hours per pay period (2 weeks).
Your job and your job location, continues to be offered as a job on all the major job services.
I cannot commute the number of hours of my time, which I gave this company.
They changed job starting and ending time, 3 times.
You purchase inventory to sample, with a company card. Of course, when the card has not been *loaded* with the money to pay for the inventory, get out your wallet. While they know you financed your day of work, there is no provision to repay you.
You have a non-compete clause, which you do not see or know about until you are approached to take a second job in the same store, by another company.
Bottom line, stay away, very far away from this company.