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    Digital Landing== Scam-suck

    Dude, i ordered my service more than 9 months ago, i did everything perfectly, have never had comcast before, got the double play and was promised a 200 dollar gift card! Well they said i had to wait 3 months, Well that went bye and then for another 4 months i had been calling pretty much every week and every time i called i would be pissed and just gratefull if someone would try and help me with the situation. Well Nobody did friggin JACK!! Every friggin time they said oh were just waiting for gift cards and nobody did anything. Then about 8 months into it i finally talked to a guy that actually did something and was talking to people and then i finally got in touch with someone that said that they never recieved my paperwork...??? THEY COULDNT TELL ME THAT 4 MONTHS AGO???? What is wrong with these people. So they said to resend my stuff, with bills and everything (WHICH they couldnt give me the paperwork for because it was so long ago???) i dont understand why i couldnt just use a new form? what is wrong with these people. They just try and make every excuse possible not to give you a card!! Luckily i had found the email that they had sent me the form from 8 months back even know they probably had it. So i filled it out and sent it in with 3 BILLS!!! So i waited a week and they got it! BUT!! Heres what they said next. Well we sent your paperwork over to comcast! BECAUSE we needed to know if your order was a duplicate and to see if you still had service with the company!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE!! I sent you 3 fukin bills!! You want more?? Ill fax them over. So now everytime i call they said OH WERE WAITING ON COMCAST TO COMFIRM YOU HAVE SERVICE, I HAVE HAD SERVICE FOR 10 MONTHS NOW!!! Karina Falcone is the one who issues the gift cards and every friggin time i call I CANT TALK TO HER!!! I DONT GET CALLS BACK even know they say someone will within a couple days! I DONT GET HER EMAIL!!! I HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER BUT NOW THE MAILBOX IS FULL AND THEY DONT ANSWER!!! So today i talked to a guy and its the same shit as usual. He says their just waiting on comcast to comfirm that i have service! And i said its been that way for more than a month. Are they going to wait 2 more months for WHO KNOWS from comcast to tell them i do??? Then i wont have service, then in 2 months when i will probably cancel because im only getting comcast for a year! They will probably say, Oh it says here comcast says you dont have service! MORE FRIGGIN EXCUSES. So this guy said maybe you could call comcast and talk to blah blah blah. He said the only phone number he has is 1800 comcast and thats what they use... They say karina called them on monday! I think all this is a lie! DONT GET COMCAST THROUGH THE DICKS!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!! WHY CANT I SEND YOU MORE BILLS!! WILL THAT PROVE THAT I HAVE SERVICE!!! WHAT WILL PROVE THAT I HAVE SERVICE. Comcast doesnt care!!! theyre not going to contact them. What the hell is this, is this what their telling other people.

    Im about ready to file a complaint with the district attorney reporting this company as fraud. Ive been thrown around like garbage to them for way too long and its bull. Everything they have is bull...

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    Re: Digital Landing== Scam-suck

    digital landing is a scam.
    9 months no rebate.

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