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    Hilltop Records Scam

    They somehow get your mailing address when you submit your music to the copyright office. They write back and say they may want to use your song on an album and ask you to pay them so they can record a demo which will then be reviewed. I've seen TOO many negative stories about HILLTOP RECORDS and did a search on Amazon for products/albums they released. I only found work from the 1960's!

    I recommend working with a label you can physically go to and record your work there for demo purposes, rather than give money to one that is likely duping you. After I recorded my first song is was licensed to a major record label that paid me $1300 up front and a percentage of sales for the 125,000 copies that were sold. I collaborated with a producer that already paid for studio time so studio costs were low.
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    Re: Hilltop Records Scam

    I am so glad to have found this site! I received a letter from Hilltop Records yesterday and wondered where it came from since I've NEVER written music. I thought maybe because of my poetry, but I hadn't posted it anywhere. Upon reading this I realized it was because I had my script copywritten! This has SCAM written all over it! Thank goodness I've learned to do my research!

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