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    Shield Star Scam

    Shield Star Scam

    "a home warranty scam"

    Shield Star / www.shieldstar.com is a scam. This is a home warranty scam.

    Because of this website, I did not use American Home Shield or National Home Protection. I found Shield Star on the internet and they sounded pretty good as a start-up company.

    I entered my information to get a quote, and found out that you need to wait for them to call you to get your quote. They made it seem that my quote would come immediately. That was problem number 1.

    Next, I get a call from a gentlemen, definately using a fake voice, offering to give me a quote. At first, he seemed very helpful, but then as his fake voice kept going in and out, he started talking to someone else in his office, cussing, laughing, and making jokes. Anyway, I asked how long they were in business he said something like 8 years, so I asked if I could read some info on their website and he said, oh the website is still under contstruction??? I said for 8 years???? he laughed and said you know how hard it is to get good technicians. Anyway this was the biggest joke I ever heard, and I need to warn everyone about the www.shieldstar.com scam.

    Stay away from the shield star scam.

    I reported them to the better business bureau and hope that everyone can find this post and not make the mistake of purchasing from them.

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    Re: Shield Star Scam

    We at ShieldStar are confident that this review is fraudulent.
    We are committed to serving our customers in the most professional and courteous matter.
    If you are in need of customer service or more information, please call our toll free number at 877-782-7987 or email us at [email protected]
    We will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you kindly,
    The ShieldStar Team

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    Re: Shield Star Scam

    SHIELD STAR home warranty cheated me and is RIP OFF!!
    I bought the warranty “PEACE OF MIND” this January (2010) after selling agent told me that they are a very good company and they offer very competitive prices. I completely repent my decision to save just 50 dollars to go with a company running scam. I went through a lot of agony and want to bring to notice my contention with them below:
    I am a very patient person; I waited over 2 weeks and saw it going nowhere and that’s when I decided to contact BBB for helping me out in investigation against this fraud company. Below is the timeline of my interaction with SHIELD STAR.
    13th FEB 2010 – Saturday: My refrigerator broke, so I called the service number (877-782-7987) at 10:36 AM and left a message with an answering company (they claim they are not part of SHIELD STAR and just take messages).
    14FEB2010 – Sunday: I did a follow up call at 10:10 AM and 2:25 pm and did not get any response. All I could do is log message on answering machine with company.
    15FEB2010 – Monday: I did not receive any call on Monday so I called again at 11:14 AM. The service representative told me that they will look into the problem and get back to me.
    17FEB2010 – Wednesday: I did not receive any call, so called them back again at 10:36 AM. I got confirmation from service representative that they will send contractor to look at a problem.
    18FEB2010 – Thursday: A service contractor arrived on 18th FEB afternoon. All he does is looks at a Refrigerator and tells us that the compressor has gone bad and he will talk to SHIELD STAR representative for approval. We gave him 50 dollars as deductible. We did a follow up call with SHIELD STAR and they did not have any information about the claim, they promised to call back.
    19FEB2010 – Friday: We did not receive any call from them on Friday, till we decided to call them back again at 4:39 PM. The message went again to answering machine and again we left a message so that they can call us back. We did not receive any call back so called them again at 5:50 PM and left an urgent message again.
    20FEB2010 – Saturday: Called them again this morning, but did not receive call.
    22FEB2010 – Monday: Called them at 8:55 AM, I was kept on hold to 6 minutes and the representative responded back that the account department is looking at request and they will let me know shortly. Did not receive a call so called them again at 10:16 AM and got the message that they are reviewing the request. Did not receive a call till 6:30, so called them again at 6:37 PM and 7:07 PM and it went to answering machine again.
    23FEB2010 – Tuesday: Called them again at 10:10 AM and was kept on hold for 5 minutes and no one picked up the call. Called them again at 10:26 AM was kept on hold for 5 minutes again. Called them again at 10:31 AM again and got lucky this time, a representative picks up and asks all the information again and complete history. He keeps me on hold for another 5 minutes and tells me that he cannot fulfill the claim as we have not been cleaning our refrigerator coils and that caused the compressor to go bad. He points out that the coils should be clean as per contract. As per contract, SHIELD STAR provides preventative maintenance tips. Below are the tips for refrigerator/freezer. We diligently clean refrigerator and take proper care for it.
    _ clean refrigerator compartment regularly, even though it does not require defrosting.
    _ wipe up spills in the refrigerator promptly to avoid staining and odors.
    _ clean coils with a condenser coil brush
    _ once a year slide the refrigerator out and vacuum around and beneath it.
    _ defrost freezers about once a year, before frost is 1/2 inch thick on inside walls and clean. Use a plastic or wooden scraper, not a sharp instrument.
    _ when storing items in the door, place the heaviest items closest to the hinge side; this will reduce stress on the door and inner door panel when it is opened and shut.

    SHIELD STAR stipulates LIMITS OF LIABILITY which is below. We have cleaned the back part of the refrigerator to remove dust with utmost precautions and complying with manufacturer’s instructions. There is no need to have specialized service personnel to carry out annual maintenance.
    11. Shieldstar does not perform routine maintenance. You (the customer) are responsible for providing maintenance and cleaning on covered items as specified by the manufacturer to ensure continued coverage on such items e.g. Heating and air conditioning systems require periodic cleaning and or replacement of filters and cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils. Water heaters require periodic flushing. These maintenance records must be provided to the service contractor and shieldstar in order for a claim to be fulfilled and honored at time of service (previous service and or maintenance records will be requested at time of service).

    Below are terms for refrigerator / freezer covered under “PEACE OF MIND” warranty by SHIELD STAR. The refrigerator is located in Kitchen as stated below:
    Kitchen refrigerator: (quantity of 1, must be located in the kitchen)
    Shieldstar covers all components and parts, except:
    Shieldstar does not cover racks, shelves drawers, ice makers, ice crushers, beverage/water dispensers and their respective equipment,
    Interior thermal shells, food spoilage, freezers which are not an integral part of the refrigerator, and multimedia centers.

    Considering all the facts above and the refusal of claim we feel cheated and want to register complaint against SHIELD STAR. We have gone through more than 2 weeks wherein all our food got spoiled. We have a very young daughter and we preserve a lot of breast milk which she consumes during the day time while we work. A lot of it had to be thrown out due to their incompetence and non-fulfillment of contractual terms. Our whole family had to dine out a lot and had to spend a lot of money on adhoc purchasing. We have paid them 339 dollars as an annual fee and 50 dollar deductible was paid to service representative.

    1) They do not have any claim management system. You won’t receive any claim number for reference and every time you call, you will need to start describing the issue again.
    See section c.1- to request service on an item that is covered, please log onto shieldstar website at www.shieldstar.com twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7)days a week or by calling our toll free 877 star-974 (877-782-7974). Notice of service must be given to shieldstar before expiration of this warranty.

    2) The number they have provided on the contract (877-782-7987) is an answering machine after 5:00 pm. They claim they have 24/7 support. So you are down on your luck if your house starts leaking due to plumbing issue or refrigerator broke down. You won’t get responses at all. (see section c.1)

    3) They will never call you back and if you are able to talk to their representative then you are very lucky. I called them around 18 times (can provide my telephone records) for getting my refrigerator fixed with no results. Every time I called, either it went to answering machine or a sweet talking representative who will promise to look into matter and will call you back. I did not receive a single call from representative till I threatened to complaint to BBB, in which case they immediately responded back.

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    Re: Shield Star Scam

    I have been a paying customer (about $70/month for two properties) for about 6 months now with them and not needing to file a claim until about 3 weeks ago. I didn't have a problem filing the claim and paying the $50 service call fee obviously but after that I never heard back from them for about 10 days. I called at least twice a day to the main number as well as leaving daily messages with a lady named "Sara" and I also sent about 2-3 emails daily. I finally heard from Sara Cheslow (email address: [email protected]) after about 10 days saying there phone lines have been down but they would take care of the claim. Another 10 days later and I haven't heard a thing from them until today with this response: "We apologize for delay, as our system is having problems. Unfortunately we no longer provide coverage for your area. Your policy has been cancelled. You can verify with your bank that you are no longer being billed. We apologize for the inconvenience."

    I'm now contacting a layer about getting a full refund for everyone I've paid them already. This is a SCAM, stay away from them!

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    Re: Shield Star Scam

    I am happy to inform all that they are out of business, website down and under Attorney General investigation, I was relentless and did get a refund of my premium.

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    Re: Shield Star Scam

    Thanks for the update and good to know that they are out of business. I initiated the complaint against them, but it didnt go for. Congratulations for your perseverence! I didnt get my money back which I was hoping for earlier.

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