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    Hanson Inn Corvallis, OR MAJOR SCAM!!!!!!!!

    Hello future wedding/special occasion VICTIMS:

    The place is beautiful, make no mistake. The garden is a dream, the patrons...employees, beneficiaries, whatever- cordial. But there is one thing you must know: if you plan on having fun, even just your GUESTS having fun, AND if you plan on all terms of your contract being HONORED, then DO NOT, and I meannnn DO NOT invest in the HANSON INN in CORVALLIS, OREGON.

    We signed, in black, printed INK in its PUREST form, a CONTRACT that stated we needed to have loud music off by 11pm. Instead, we had a 15 minute warning at 9:45pm and had the cops called on us at 10:20pm for trespassing. Were we warned? Yes, in one way or another...in the form of "You need to shut this down soon" so we coiled up the games, and began on our way, until suddenly, patrol cars pulled up. The amount of law enforcement that decided to care, might have you believing that we have wild giraffes and sea lions, dancing on the grounds...but no...just your average wedding attendees, and all of a sudden, batman, superman, and spiderman had to lay down the law. Horrendous. We have our wedding gifts sitting in there, including a tree full of CASH, and gift certificates, and we were thrown out of there like a bunch of sewer rats, as opposed to paying patrons that we are. We are reasonable people, and instead of treating us like human beings, on our special SPECIAL occasion, we were treated like rats.

    I've heard this place was horrendously haunted before, but jesus...to actually experience people, being possessed by some horrid, conniving, force...is beyond words for my explanations..

    PLENTY of FAKE service and fake smiles....ZERO heart, ZERO compassion for love, celebration, family, anything positive or relative of the sort.....

    Please dont dump your thousands like we did...we're plagued with having to go to court with our issue...mostly impart of the diplomacy of it all...please find another gorgeous oasis if your heart is set on a local spot in Oregon...


    Corvallis cops are narrow minded, power-tripping IDIOTS. Can't remember the last time I've seen such morons. Talk about a pea brain job....descpicable. Yeha real cool with your badge and black and white Crown VIc....suuuuper awesome and worthy.

    NO to Hanson Inn...I promise you this. I am not one to get on the horn about something, but when something is so horrible wrong, and un-just...I am on the horn.

    NOOOOOOOOOOO to Hanson Inn.

    Patricia Covey
    (Pat Covey, Patty Covey) of Hanson Inn, Corvallis Oregon...Corvallis, OR. Is a witch. Sorry to go there, but seriously, it takes a witch to call the cops against your own contract...if you want to talk about breach of contract, take a hard look in the mirror..we had until 11pm and you shut us down and called the cops at 10:20pm not to mention raping young couples and their families of their hard earned money.

    Super A+ Hanson Inn...AAAAAAAAA+.

    [email protected]
    The Hanson Country Inn

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    Re: Hanson Inn Corvallis, OR MAJOR SCAM!!!!!!!!

    lmao whatta small world! well heres my 2 cents:

    sorry you went through that! we had our wedding there and their accomodations barely made the cut. i know what you mean when you say fake service lol they are pretty transparent and dont really care about your wedding memories. all they cared about was their money and preserving the sheen in their "antique" hardwood floors lmao!! we didnt get kicked out but after sleeping there that night, I kind of wish they did. in light of things, you were spared a chillingly haunted night. Maybe it was our imagination but I distinctly heard childrens voices in the bathroom and footsteps downstairs at 3am :cwm14: yikes! When I asked Pat about it she said maybe someone was watching a movie and rudely walked away.

    the beds are comfy..but service was deplorable...accomodations were below average..for the price, you are getting ripped off.

    good luck to a rough start in matrimony! :crazy1:

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    Re: Hanson Inn Corvallis, OR MAJOR SCAM!!!!!!!!

    Well.. I see someone did the right thing and posted on tripadvisor.

    thx for the heads up!

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    Re: Hanson Inn Corvallis, OR MAJOR SCAM!!!!!!!!

    :2gunsfiring_v1: almost let this one get away - the hanson inn definitely sucks. For those of you who enjoy poor service, bad food, and a creepy host -stay here. Otherwise, lets all look elsewhere. our family stayed here on the way up to longview, WA -summer of 2007

    everyone here is right, the owner is obsessive compulsive and freaks out about everything...if you stay here despite several forum friends urging you not to -be sure to wear a giant condom so you dont touch any of her antiques and get her upset..we must preserve the antiques... precious..precious antiques ing1:

    that aside, 2 weeks later we noticed they charged our credit card twice..she was rude when we disputed it and it took a lot of calling to even get it fixed, it took over a month for our money to be returned.

    in other news, its actually a nice location. you wont die here, but please weigh your options very carefully.

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    Re: Hanson Inn Corvallis, OR MAJOR SCAM!!!!!!!!

    No, can't say I'd suggest this venue for weddings. Not sure what other types of functions they support, but my sister in law was horrified by her experience. :rotz: She had a bridezilla tip to her at times (wouldn't you if your dress was a pinch away from not being ready in time for the big day? lol)

    Horsetails did all the yammering so I will keep it short: very unwelcome, uncomfortable feeling. Which contradicts the otherwise cozy location and garden. The staff is uneasy and nickle & dimed every last drop out of our family. Do more research, and if you still end up here, fantastic. Otherwise, congratulations on a successful research mission. and consider yourself saved

    :rasta: Holy exploding -crappy wedding venues - batman! :

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