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    Time to go Green or be suckered with a new idea?

    I've recently received an email in response to my resume posting from an employment search engine and I am quite weary about this so-called opportunity.

    The email began with... "We are looking for Self-Managed Professionals for a High-Tech, Inc 500 company on the Cutting edge of Green Technologies."

    ...Then it goes on stating that it is a 23 year old environmental company that specializes in high-tech solutions... that can provide solid income or residual income full and part time, it is work at home and it is not door-to-door...

    Sounds intriguing enough for me at the moment... Then I went on the link the company provided within the email...

    Then, I probed and clicked on the link... it's as vague as possible requesting for your contact information so they can send you free information... (They got my email somehow...right?) It is claimed to be "a christian based company... Dallas, Texas... multi-hundreds of millions of dollars... no experiences necesssary... be your own boss or management..." and so on and so forth...

    Well, you be the judge... http://www.goodtimetogogreen.com/grno1/index.php?u=114 And share your opinion, suggestion and ideas... if you don't mind doing so, Thanks!

    (For the record, I am willing to work with the effort to go Green and/or work for a religiously affiliated company even if I am not of that particular faith. However, I truly believe that people who are capitalizing on legitimate efforts and uses religious angles to attract employees are despicable, deceitful F&*&%@ and etc... destroying legitimate Green effort, abusing religion, lying about legitimate employment and capitalizing on others' desperation just to make a quick buck... Disgusting and Shameful!)

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    Re: Time to go Green or be suckered with a new ide

    Creation Date: 07-jul-2009

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    Re: Time to go Green or be suckered with a new ide

    Just fleshing things out a bit:

    Advanced Direct Marketing, Inc.
    2600 E. Seltice Way #232
    Post Falls, ID 83854

    The dns admin contact is listed as adsinc500 - at - yahoo.com and that addy is also the dns admin for many other sites but very few of them seem functioning.

    Here are just a few:


    Something tells me this isn't the only "great opportunity" these folks are promoting. The BBB lists several companies with the name "Advanced Direct Marketing" but none of them are in Idaho, similarly the Idaho Secretary of State's website has no buisness listing for them either. And despite owning 581 domain names they don't seem to have a website in their own company name.

    Edited to add that 2600 E. Seltice Way is, according to google street maps, a strip mall. Not surprisingly there is no "Advanced Direct Marketing" listed as a tenant. There is a company listed with the name "Upscale Mail" and among the services they provide is "private mail boxes" so the address ADM gives is functionally a P.O. box.

    I advise caution.
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