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    work at home scams

    I was contacted by email from this company (cargo) company and what it is is they mail me packages and I wrap them mail them to the new owners. When i received the first 2 packages, they didnt have my name but other peoples name but it had my address. I was curious and this made me have second thoughts that it maybe be a scam. They said they will pay me monthly, I didn't have to pay anything. What do you think?

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    Re: work at home scams

    why in the world would they send them to you instead of the customer? is it because the customer is in nigeria, romania or russia? nobody ships to those places because its almost always fraud of some sort.

    (the cargo company is fake, or the person corresponding with you does not represent that company)
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    Re: work at home scams

    You're being used as a "clean" address for the re-mailing of stolen merchandise.
    Refuse any further packages from these crooks, block their e-mails, and Do Not cash any check they send you.
    Good luck, and congratulations on avoiding prosecution for Felony Receipt of Stolen Property.

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