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    anybody heard of these guys?

    From: "Jack T"
    Date: Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:58 pm
    Subject: Find Out How To Stick It To That Debt Collection Attorney Who Has Stolen Your Hard Earned Money jack_and_tom
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    Network of US Attorneys Expose The Hidden Truth About Debt Collector's and the Law that Will Release You From Debt Without Declaring Bankruptcy...


    Debt resolution is not a myth. Our program follows guidelines set forth by federal law. The debt collection industry fully realizes the weakness of their position in light of the truth. The information discovered by our attorneys is so powerful that when confronted with it, debt collectors simply give up and all debt collection comes to a dead stop! We have over 150 attorneys nationwide. We have already stopped hundreds of millions of dollars of alleged debt from being collected by debt collectors.

    If your credit card accounts are already in the collection, our program can:

    Stop collection lawsuits in their tracks

    Vacate or set aside existing collection judgments

    Remove leans and garnishments.

    Get a refund on all money already paid to debt collection attorneys

    Sue the debt collectors in Federal Court for damages

    If you are current on your credit card accounts, our program can:

    Invalidate any credit card debts

    Payments will stop this month

    Your balance will be zero in less than 6 months

    We also can invalidate student loans (non-federal)

    Completely restore your credit score



    Forward this email to anyone you know who has any credit card dilemma !

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    Re: anybody heard of these guys?

    It came in a email as spam?

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    Re: anybody heard of these guys?

    Yahoo! 360? ~_~
    Clearly spamma jamma.

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    Re: anybody heard of these guys?

    Quote Originally Posted by cowsgonemadd3
    It came in a email as spam?
    no i picked it up on a forun

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