Published October 2008 - see notes added today at end

The two last possible tactics to prevent the collapse of a regime shed light on the HORRIBLE TRUTH about the LAST alternative for the illuminati before full nuclear attack against Russia

Two last possible tactics to prevent the collapse of a regime

The two last possible tactics to prevent the collapse of a regime have been well known long before the illuminati appeared.

The first is to attack another nation (usually staged as "after being attacked"). (1) If it is not possible to attack then this tactic is reduced to simply suggest that "our nation is about to be attacked". (*)

The second is only feasible if the population includes ethnical minorities: target one or several of these ethnical minorities for extermination or launch an ethnic civil war.
In the Tribulation, the time when almost all accepted the Mark in Illuminatziland, there is an additional possibility, population reduction by targeting segments not identified by ethnicity or religion. Mass murder of unborn was extended with mass murder of elderly and other "unproductive" or "shortly before retirement" segments, ongoing now for several years: (2). (**)
Illuminati have now only one alternative left
The chances of a failure of the Illuminati A-plan is growing with each day, as the "empty grocery shelves" stage is approaching at a faster pace than "the deployment of nukes around Russia completed" stage.

For the illuminati, now, the first alternative does no more exist, since all feasible targets have already been used (reminder: attack to Russia is not a possible tactic, since it is THE STRATEGY). (2)

Now you should have no problems to understand the HORRIBLE TRUTH about the illuminati OPEN BORDERS tactic. (3)

(1) Last used in August 2008 by illuminati agent acting as President of Georgia (attack to South Ossetia). lympics+opening%22




(*) Added July 5, 2009: The ultimate example illustrating this is Ahmadinejad regime in Iran, with other countries (US administration) helping the regime to suggest the attack.
Goal of the "Saudi Arabia & US give green light for Israel to attack Iran" HOAX is try to prevent fall of Ahmadinejad

(**) Added July 5, 2009: The illuminati are now shortly before pushing to the utter limits, through VASSACINATION, this type of population reduction.