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    Pediatric Lenses @ Costco

    Effective Monday June 29, 2009, Costco Headquarters made an Executive Decision that affects all children buying their lenses at Costco. The price of lens shot up more than 50 percent! It was $19 now its almost $50.
    They say an executive decision was made so that any person buying pediatric lenses must purchase the "non-glare type". You don't have a choice! If you don't want non-glare, and wish to purchase the basic $19 lenses, you cannot!....anymore.
    I thought we have a Democracy in America!

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    Re: Pediatric Lenses @ Costco

    I hadn't heard about this, but as a person who wears glasses, I would like to say I have had "non-glare" glasses and "glare" glasses (I suppose they're called) I noticed NO difference between the two.
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