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    WARNING!!! Torrenza resort at Mazatlan is a fraud

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Please don’t ignore this message

    It’s has been very hard for us to get in touch with someone there, they are thieves and in addition they are cowards who do not have the courage to answer my emails

    At the presentation, Torrenza tried to sell us a timeshare and in order to do so, they guaranteed the purchase of our Mayan timeshare for 49,900 USD and because they were still under construction they offered us to rent Torrenzas timeshare for five years to give them time to finish the construction. They rushed us to sign the paperwork without giving us time to read them.

    At the presentation they told us that they would rent it for us, but when we were signing, they gave us an affiliation with Sierra rentals which is the company that take care about the rentals and resales, all the presentation was based on it and one time we signed they just said there are no guarantees.

    The seller made us believe that they would sell our Mayan property and after speaking with this company we discovered that’s a lie.

    We went back to our sales person with some questions since we did not get any paper that stated the resale of our Mayan property. We asked the salesman for it and he refused. We asked the manager to cancel the contract. We told them we were in our 5 days right to cancel and he refused to it, stating that we had waived that right because our contract for some reason was “active “already.

    What they did is illegal, they are liars.

    I made a blog to spread the word about this scammers the url is: http://torrenzamazatlanfraud.com/
    if you experience something similar please leave a comment.[/FONT]

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    Re: WARNING!!! Torrenza resort at Mazatlan is a fr

    I wish I would have seen this sooner!
    I tried to cancelk my contract with Torrenza while we were under the 5 day signing cancellation and still can't get our money back.
    Torrenza clearly is operating illegally (even in Mexico).

    To read how the Torrenza took our money, visit us at

    Let's get the word out

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    Re: WARNING!!! Torrenza resort at Mazatlan is a fraud

    HUNTER Liars, la división Legal de Travel Time puede gestionar para Ustedes un Acuerdo de Terminación Anticipada de Contrato de Membresía en un plazo máximo de 45 días hábiles.

    Los honorarios son bastante razonables, solo $1,299.00 USD. Sin importar la situación en que se encuentre su cuenta (pagos vencidos de mensualidades, mantenimientos y/o cuotas extraordinarias).

    Adicionalmente ofrecemos una Garantía de Resultados por escrito, de tal suerte que si no obtenemos para Usted el Acuerdo de Terminación de Contrato: NO COBRAMOS.

    Siempre funciona, cuando se sabe lo que se hace.
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    Re: WARNING!!! Torrenza resort at Mazatlan is a fraud

    I was scammed by Torrenza. The sales rep told me that the towers will be finished quicly. But the construction has not been completed. Is a total scam. I wish I had read before this article: http://www.timesharescam.com/timesha...re-complaints/

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