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    Ion Health Usa,Ryan Duckett & Melvin Duckett

    Ion Health USA was founded by Dr. Melvin J Duckett who was a leading U.S. urologist

    In 1998 , Dr. Duckett failed to cooperate with a Board investigation charges that Dr. Duckett was seriously padding bills, and that some of his employees, who were not physicians, were actually performing surgical procedures. Blue Cross charged him with billing for procedures that he had advertised were 'free', billing for care not rendered, and other irregularities. He failed to respond to two subpoenas, This was a Consent Order which resulted in a 6 month license suspension that began on Dec. 15, 1999.

    Since 1999 Dr. Duckett and son, Ryan Duckett have been moving from state to state taking money from people through other scams and fake companies.

    The Ducketts' open up an office in a new location with no intention of paying the lease. They hire employees as sales people for Ion Health Usa with the promiss of a salary per year plus commission from sales of Ion Health products . When payday rolls around Melvin and Ryan Duckett will either not pay any of the employees or pay a partial amount of the pay checks and blame the lack of money or poor sales by the company as a whole.

    When sales are made , the money is collected from vendors but the ION Health products are never shipped .

    Melvin and Ryan Duckett move out of town in the middle of the night after they cheat employees out of thousands of dollars, run out on several months of rent & don't ship the Ion products that were sold to Vendors.

    There are numerous civil and criminal complaints filed against the Ducketts in locations such as Maryland, Virginia and Florida but they always move out of town just in time to avoid being caught .

    Ryan is currently living in Boynton Beach Fl. His latest scam is custom fishing reels, which he sells under the company name of King Island Fishing. He has a phony website and has scammed several investors out of money using this fraudulent business. The website has the same mailing address of 123 N congress Ave, like his Ion Health Business. The company number on the website is a fax number, but I was able to track a home number from his business partner and himself which is ***** Also located in Boynton Beach.
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    Re: Ion Health Usa,Ryan Duckett & Melvin Duckett

    Has anyone else heard about this?

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