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    Anti Scam Toolbar !

    Take a look at
    http://www.safe-surfing.info/ you can actually contribute to forming the largest DB of scam and safe sites on the net,

    Free and simple , no ads, no crap, simple Report and see status of a site.

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    Re: Anti Scam Toolbar !

    Yea, well... hmm no
    --Here Is How To Report A Scam-
    1) Contact local law enforcement. (Local Crimes Only)
    2) Contact Internet Fraud Complaints Center (Internet Crime Only)
    3) Contact Better Business Bureau
    4) Contact the Internet hosting company of the website. (Whois Look up)
    5) Write to the Federal Trade Commission: spam(at)uce.gov or file a complant here.
    6) Contact State Attorney General

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