The leader of a long-running health insurance scam was sentenced to nine years in prison last week. The American Allergy Institute gave blood tests to 4,000 people and allergy shots to 800 in unsanitary conditions with staff who weren't licensed as health care workers.
It also fraudulently billed $11.6 million in to 200 different health insurance companies.
Two things to do with this:
First, if you happen to have had an infection or some other issue after getting a blood test in the Chicago or Phoenix areas from 2000 through 2007, perhaps this could help explain it.
Second, note that it took seven years for someone to notice and stop these guys as they billed more than 200 insurance companies, which paid them millions of dollars.
Not a pretty picture of how our health insurance industry looks out for your helalth, spends your premiums, and its shareholders' money.