John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?

Who is Mcadams, CIA disinformation asset, or just plain Crackpot?
Since Mcadams is known to use the alias "Paul Nolan" just how many other names has he used to deceive? He claims to be many things. A jet-propulsion expert, or Crackpot?
Here is what was discovered.

Frequently asked questions about John Mcadams... and answers !
By Jim Hargrove

by Michael T. Griffith

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Mcadams rants and raves about the book "Report From Iron Mountain"
Lets look at what the author had to say before Mcadams slanders
Fletcher Prouty any further.

This is what author Leonard Lewin said about his own book.
Read it for yourself first.

New York Times Book Review: March 19, 1972

Leonard Lewin wrote a review of his own book in March 19th, 1972
Col. Fletcher Prouty read this and kept it.
He quotes from the review during this interview in 1988.
He knew for years what Leonard Lewin wrote!

Other opinions of the interview
Others have left e-mail with their thoughts on the Report from Iron Mountain and Col. Prouty's comments on the Leonard Lewin novel.

15 min. clip
"Tom Valentine Show"
A discussion of the "Report from Iron Mountain"
Tom interviews Col Fletcher Prouty

Tom: One of my listeners sent me some tapes of another radio show out of Seattle, Washington. And there was a guy on, and I'm gonna have that guy on my show next week. A guy named K.C. Depass, Depass yeah. And he was saying that the, the powers structure guys. These same guys we've been talking about, this USTEC and everything. They had, one of your old bosses, was the head man of this group. Were wondering what would happen to the world if it didn't have a war economy.

You know as a lot of people say you can't an economy without wars anymore, not under modern...uh... there's no free enterprise anyway but modern capital and communistic type enterprise. You must have wars or you're not gonna be able to sustain an economy, you're gonna have a terrible depression.
And these people got together to study, what we can do with the economy, if we have a peacetime situation.
And this guy K.C Depass says that "what was written as novel in a book called 'Report from Iron Mountain' is really and truly factual material" from a group of men headed by none other than your old boss McNamara. And these guys where talking about, "how are we gonna keep the economy going in peacetime?"
Now what do you think about that book?

Col. Prouty's comments follow... please listen to the clip. or to apreciate to wisdom, knowledge, and insight of Col. Fletcher Prouty listen to the whole interview

75 min clip
2. The Entire Interview"
The entire interview with Tom Valentine 12/10/88 - Radio free America -

Asleep at the wheel...

More names of those
who have been spreading dis-information
regarding the JFK assassination.

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