(1) Open Telecommunications Limited
7 Lee Valley Technopark
Ashley Road
London N17 9LN
United Kingdom
Company No. 03965939
and their three operatives:
(2) Mr. Farouq Hameed, Sales Manager
(3) Mr. Paris Prejean, Sales Manager
(4) Mr. Martins Howarth, Chief Financial Officer
reneged four times on four different price quotes and changed four times the price, each time AFTER I complied and paid the previously quoted price.

First, I responded to the following ad that appeared on Tampa (FL) free classifieds:
“$305, Apple IPhone 3G 16gb HSDPA Quadband Unlocked (Black/White)” posted on April 21, 2009, 03:07 AM.

To my inquiry I received the following PRICE QUOTATION dated May 30, 2009:

“Hello Yoram,
Thanks for your response and interest in purchasing the White Apple Iphone 3G 16gb Unlocked. Your placement order and delivery address has been noted by our Delivery/Logistic Department.
* PRICE QUOTATION: Cost of 1 unit White Apple IPhone 3G 16gb HSDPA Quadband (Unlocked/Sim Free): $305.USD Shipping & Handling Included in the product price.. As agreed, the 1 unit Apple Iphone 3G 16gb Unlocked will be delivered to your given delivery address in Holon, Israel within 2-3 working days via UPS Delivery service. As stipulated by the Company Payment Terms, you are to make your payment via Money Transfer (Money Gram/W.U) for your ordered goods in the Company's Chief Accountant in charge of transfer payments (Mr. Martins Howarth) information as below. Your delivery address will be registered with UPS and your package will be labeled and packaged for delivery once your payment is confirmed.. Do find below the payment details with which to make your transfer payment and CONFIRM YOUR ORDER...
* PAYMENT DETAILS: Receiver First name: Martins Receiver Last Name: Howarth Address: Open Telecommunications Ltd, 7 lee Valley Technopark, Ashley Road City: London N17 9LN Country: U.K Amount: $305.USD
You are to send us the following payment details in the format below for verification/confirmation: First name of sender: Last Name of sender: Amount sent: MTCN/Reference number: As soon as your payment is confirmed by our accountant, your package will be registered for delivery and a UPS tracking number sent to you within 2 hours to know the status of your package on transit...Your order will be delivered to the delivery door-steps in Holon, Israel via UPS delivery service within 2-3 working days. The invoice as well as the UPS delivery receipt will be sent to your given email as well. Thanks for your is best appreciated. We await your payment details to effect a prompt delivery.
Regards, Paris Prejean (Sales Manager),
Tel: +44 702 402 2509”

Then, AFTER the payment of the quoted price of US$305 I was informed that I still have to pay US$147 UK Tax Duty. I protested the unadvertised in their price quote additional charge. That was THE FIRST “BAIT AND SWITCH”.
Nevertheless, I paid it.

Then, on May 11 and AFTER the payment of the additional US$147.00 in lieu of the U.K. Tax/Custom Duty I received the following SECOND “BITE AND SWITCH”:
“Hello Yoram, Sorry for taking a while before getting back in touch with the update details of your package. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances we had with delivery unit. Your payment has been confirmed and your package has been registered for delivery via UPS Delivery Service as agreed. However, as we were about to package/label and registered the Apple iphone 3G 16Gb, my boss (Managing Director of the company) got to know that we are about to ship out 1 unit sample order instead of our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 5 units @295.USD/unit (it comes with 2 additional units).
*EXTRAS: FREE HOME DELIVERY. NO TAX INCLUDED. Find attached to this mail, the Invoice for your order as well as the UPS Delivery bill. We were instructed to cancel the shipment and contact you with the development but I personally told him that we should ship our MOQ (minimum Order Quantity) units which is 5 units (plus 2 free) making a total of 7units since you have already paid for 1 unit (including Tax). I told him we can trust you to make the balance payment for the remaining 4 units which he accepted. He gave us the instruction that you are make the balance payment before the delivery date of the package (15th May, 2009). THE UNITS APPLE IPHONE CAN ALSO BE DELIVERED TO YOU IN KENT, OH 44240, U.S.A. UPON YOUR REQUEST. The Tracking Number of your package was withheld by the management of the company (7 units Apple iphone 3G 16Gb) until the balance payment be made. Order Details Below:
1 Unit Apple iphone 3G 16Gb (plus Tax)................. $452.USD (including Tax)
5 Units Apple iphone 3G 16Gb.........................$1,475.USD
Initial Payment made...................................$452.USD
Balance of MOQ (Apple iphone 3G 16Gb).................$1,023.USD
You are getting 2 Units Apple iphone 3G 16gb and 1 unit Apple Ipod Touch 32gb FREE OF CHARGE. You are to make the balance payment for the remaining units ($1,123.USD) promptly before the delivery date with the same information you used in making the initial payment to avoid the shipment being put ON-HOLD with the shipping company until the confirmation of the payment. We are very sorry for this un-informed/impromptu development. I await your prompt response ASAP.
Regards, Paris Prejean (Sales Manager)
c/o Sales Office, Open Telecommunications Ltd, U.K.
Tel#: +44 702 402 2509”.

This was a drastic change of sales contract, THE SECOND BAIT AND SWITCH AFTER the payments for the original offer and the tax have been completed. My protests run into pressure tactics with threats of incurring “demurrage charges” with the shipping agent.

To my unyielding protests they lowered the demand for the additional payment from US$1,023 down to US$548.

After much forth and back I eventually paid them the additional US$548 hoping that this is the end of the transaction. But, then came the THIRD “BAIT AND SWITCH”: demand of the insurance fee of 219.GBP

At this point I absolutely refused any additional payment and offered the company two alternative solutions:
(1) deliver the seven units as promised in their latest quote; or
(2) cancel the transaction and refund the US$1,000 paid by me to them.

To this date the company is refusing to follow either of the two alternatives and insists that I pay an additional 219.GBP, holding "hostage" my $1,000.00 that I have already paid them.