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    Marijuana phone poll is NOT a scam

    Turns out the marijuana phone poll 973-409-3274 is not a scam at all. The number is simply a petition held by Humor Hotlines. Though their hotlines are normally prank hotlines, this particular poll is completely serious and they intended to submit the petition when they receive 1,000,000+ votes to legalize marijuana in the United States.

    Humor Hotlines did not intially mention their involvement because they want people to take the poll seriously. It is not a prank line like the multiple others they own, and the poll is not a scam like many intially assumed. Reports of charges from calling the number were due to confusion or coincidence, because the number doesn't appear to generate any charges.
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    Re: Do NOT call 973-409-3274 marijuana "legalizati

    Welcome to Scam. Would you tell us more about what would happen if we make the mistake of dialing said #?


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    Re: Do NOT call 973-409-3274 marijuana "legalizati

    "Poll" is being conducted by the "Rejection Hotline" site.


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    Re: Do NOT call 973-409-3274 marijuana "legalizati

    One post wonders are usually frauds

    and this post and one time wonders maybe ARE!!!:judges:

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    Re: Do NOT call 973-409-3274 marijuana "legalization"

    I REALLY wanted to necro this thread to tell lampost that I'm not just a "one post wonder." I don't post on scam forums much because I'm not an indiscriminate idiot who falls for scams.

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