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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    Once the soldier has fulfilled his role, the government only cares enough to put a good face forward.

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    It's late here should be sleeping! I meant the Satan's people are the GOVERNMENT PEOPLE!

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    You might be talking about the Great Tribulation, but consider that it starts when the Beast with the nine heads turn and devour Babylon the Great and leave nothing.
    The Beast with the nine heads are governments, while Babylon represents all religion.
    Revelations says that God's true followers will be the last to be 'attacked' and then he will intervene.

    The USA is mentioned in many parts of the Bible, see the King of the South in Daniel.

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    Quote Originally Posted by sanctus View Post
    I wish to hell that the American imperialists would stop interfering into the internal politics of other countries. I am so tired of American arrogance and stupidity. I am one who is deeply grateful they are on the decline!
    The "decline"? I'm an Economist. You need money to buy guns, pay troops salaries, research new weapons, etc. Take a look at this graph and scroll down to "United States":


    Notice how everything looks cool, each country is in the millions and billions, then you get to the US. HOLY SHIT! 14.5 TRILLION? Yes, that's trillion. Gross Domestic Product is about purchasing power, and you can purchase a whole load of guns with that much.
    So tell me exactly, how are we in this "Decline" you're talking about? The only ones close to us are China and the EU, and we have been in a serious economic recession for the past 3 years.
    Any economist knows that recessions always get better when the FED lowers interest rates, so we should be up to $20 trillion in a few more years once our economy recovers from the recession, as long as we don't muck things up with too many subsidies and bailouts.
    If you have an inefficient entity, be it governmental or corporate, it's going to stay inefficient if you keep giving it money. If I don't have a job, and I keep getting money, I'm not going to be motivated to get a job, going to sit on my ass and smoke cigarettes.
    If that inefficient entity recieves a "bailout" or subsidy, it's going to stay inefficient. If that subsidy is taken away, it is forced to trim the fat and become efficient and productive. Recessions are actually good for nations in this way because they force all of us to become more efficient. Buying more fuel efficient cars for instance due to higher gas prices.
    This was an economic strategy imposed on us by the Fed, they could subsidize all of our oil products if they wanted with tax income and we'd only be required to pay a penny a gallon, but then we'd all be driving around in massive 800 horsepower hummers and being totally inefficient. It might work for awhile, but after that tax income subsidy was needed elsewhere, we'd all be sitting on our asses with $100 gas prices due to lack of subsidies and shifted demand.
    Recessions are also awesome because they lower prices. If you're working and you have extra income, now is the best time to buy anything.
    Anyway, just thought I'd comment on that fool's suggestion that our country is in a "decline". We are far beyond anyone else in the world in GDP and Tech. China has the GDP but not the Tech. They are just now coming up with "Stealth Fighters" that we had flying 40 years ago.
    The EU has some of both but they have been warring each other for the last millenium, not going to be able to work together without a common language. They won't catch up to us for another 20 years in Tech.
    So as long as we don't get lazy up on our high horse, we should continue to dominate.

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    This is a very true and much more realistic account of how recession works. I'm glad I've come across it.

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    Hey hi, I am a newbie to this forum. I have witnessed some really nice and very interesting threads here..was actually about to post my comment there but then thought why not to introduce myself first.

    Hope will have a nice time here...

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    Quote Originally Posted by Gustave77 View Post
    Hey hi, I am a newbie to this forum. I have witnessed some really nice and very interesting threads here..was actually about to post my comment there but then thought why not to introduce myself first.

    Hope will have a nice time here...
    I was just as optimistic as you on my first post ... /sigh

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    Re: How America nukes its own troops

    Hope for the best.Well, I think it is necessary to recall the troops from Iraq and have some peace there. Mr.Obama has taken a excellent decision to recall from the troops. I appreciate his decision.

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