Spammers are crooks. Spammers have no regard for ethical behavior. Spammers are pests.

In the biological world, there is a method to get rid of pests by introducing lots of sterile, unproductive mates.

For example, when there are fly infestations, millions of sterile male flies are released. When they mate with females, the result are infertile eggs. If enough sterile males are released, subsequent generations of flies will be markedly reduced. If this procedure is continued, entire populations can be eliminated. For a complete description of this technique see Wikipedia.

The same technique could be used on the targets of spam messages. If millions of people visited the web sites that are the target of obnoxious spam messages and fill out entry forms, request forms, order forms, then the proprietor of the would be overwhelmed with unproductive records, and hopefully they would stop sending spam or go out of business or both.

How can millions of people be mobilized to visit a spam target site once per day?

Think about it....