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    International Lending

    Does anybody know about international lending? I had an offer and wanted to if they are legit broker or companies?

    Here it is:
    Rev Larry Smith.
    Website: eloan.gpno.org
    Tel: +4470-4572-3346
    Fax: +44 870 133 7991
    Slough Head Office & Accounts
    658 Ajax Avenue, Slough Berkshire.
    SL1 4BG, London.


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    Re: International Lending

    numbers that start with 4470 are likely a call forwarding service, the call can be answered on any phone, including the anonymous prepaid mobile phone sold in many stores.

    there is no case where you should pay in advance for somebody to find you a loan. if there are loan finders, they would take their fee from the proceeds.


    any commercial website that ends in .org is likely scam.
    (.org was originally intended only for sites operating in the public interest, like perhaps, scam.org.)


    gpno.org is global prayer network.

    KM 5, Benin-Auchi Road
    Idunwen - Ehigie

    Benin city, Edo State.

    Nigeria, West Africa

    PH: +234 802 3427726,

    stay away from this!

    no security on this website. everything you type in could be broadcast to the world. identity theft.
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    Re: International Lending

    I will tell you few thing you should know about figuring out scams of this kind.

    8u8.me is free Chinese email provider. Why would respectable broker from England would use this one for official deals?

    Second, website is registered in US. For the company that is so British, it is another red flag.

    Third, website was also created in Nigeria by KEK Technology Inc which is Nigerian company. And website is registered to Olatokunboh Kuti(very Nigerian name).

    Now put all three together. What kind of respectable British company would be registered in US, developed website in Nigeria and used free Chinese email account? Got it?

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    Re: International Lending

    So suppose you are not technical person and do not want to figure out registration details.

    Then, you should know this. Legitimate broker is supposed to put you through paces and learn in detail your financial situation. He also should not ask money upfront. And of cause have office in your country you can visit.

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    Re: International Lending

    I take offense to your comment bozi, I am Tokunboh Kuti and run a legitimate biz both here in the states and Nigeria. Just because the guy registered the domain in question with our company KEK Technology Inc. does not make us a fraud. I could tell you are an ignorant individual.

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