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Thread: Limo Scam

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    Limo Scam

    The evening before (less than 24 hours) before a limo ride to and from dinner for two couples celebrating 15 year wedding anniversaries - BILL, calls and says "there is a problem... A wedding is going to run long and is it ok if we send a different vehicle?"

    At this point (8:30 PM 6/19 with a 7:00PM pick up looming on 6/20), what are my options? Babysitters are already scheduled, the restaurant was booked weeks in advance?

    Well - Bill says "I'll give you an additional hour free" Like I want to sit in vehicle and just drive around an extra hour? Yeah - we'll just drive around, keep the babysitters out extra late too. Bill- also said he would give me a bottle of Asti -ooohhhh. What I wanted was a limo - not extra time or cheap wine.

    Bill said he would send a limo van with "wrap around leather seats, wood floor and dome lights". He said- "it's a really nice vehicle".

    So I have no options here - The 8 person white limo that was promised he won't have available. So I said fine. Again- it's 8:30 PM Friday night.

    Well his "limo" van arrives the next day with an Igloo cooler on the floor. The wood floor was a piece of paneling screwed down on the floor. It had dome lights, mood lights set in torn vinyl. The seats were individual captains chairs facing each other and a row of three in the back. Yes, they were leather wrapped. In four of the seats, our heads bounced against the mood light wood trim and we had to slump don in the sets or lean forward to keep from banging our heads.

    When we got to the restaurant (after we had the guide the driver there), we waited for him to open the door. Only to have him wrap on the window to ask us to unlock the door.

    So Butterfly Limo, Butterfly Limousine, Butterflies Limousine or Butterflieslimo.com (in Willoughby OHio) can eat cr**. He will swear up and down I agreed and delivered as he promised. Funny because I had no choice.

    I have ridden in better rent a car shuttle than this, been in conversion vans that were nicer.

    I have had limo rides 17 times in my life. This one ranks at a tie for last with a limo I had in Chicago once (it was an actual limo but it was filthy).


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    Re: Limo Scam

    sorry lol, but this made me acutally laugh. i used to live in willoughby, and i'm pretty sure my neighbor worked for them, what i saw her drive were the black and white limo's, but they were always immaculate...

    sorry that your anniversary was a bust.

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