You do not want to order leads from this company. They are one of the biggest scams that you will find on the market when looking for leads to telemarket from. Our company ordered from them and they told us that we were getting a list of all new homes. After getting the list, we found that none of the homes were new and that they had lied to us. When we actually got the list, we told them it was the wrong list and they assured us that it wasn't, they were wrong. We have called them and told them that we have the wrong list and they keep telling us they will take care of it. We have called back over and over and asked for different people to speak to and they put us in their voice mail and then tell us that the person we need will call us back. Obviously that never happens.

They act like they are a big company, but its really a group of about 5-6 people. Do not do business with this company!

Their website is

Do yourself a favor and stay away!!