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    Vincent Black Foundation - Legit?

    Has anyone ever heard of this? The email user who contacted me is Joel Rose.

    I'm not sure which forum subject this thread really ought to be under, but to sum it up, apparently this is the plan. (This is a copy of the actual email he sent me):

    Donations collector/CSR is the part-time job position.

    We need the responsible and punctual person who will be taking care of regional donations.
    Taking care means to make these donations reach the destination point as fast as possible.
    You will receive all details about where this donation is coming from, how to handle it,
    where it's going, and how to make the transfer of it.

    Your work will consist of tasks. Each task will be e-mailed to you and confirmed by the
    phone, if needed.
    Each task will contain instructions on how to process new donation(s).

    If you receive the donation as a business, cashier, or other check,
    then you have to cash this check as instructed in e-mailed task,
    then transfer funds to the Destination as instructed.

    You will be making 7% from every donation.
    The rest of the amount will need to be sent with Western Union to the destination.
    After we verify you sent the money, you will be assigned more donations.
    During the second week we raise your percentage up to 10%.

    We guarantee you make at least $500 for yourself for the first week if
    you process 5 donations.

    This job can be done full time or part time.

    If you would like to get started please let me know and I will send you the contract.

    Q & A

    1. How do I handle the taxes?
    By the end of the year per your request we provide 1099 form which will be showing the
    amount youíve earned.

    2. I donít have to pay anything to get started, are there any fees after?
    No, there is no fees before or after you start.

    3. Do I have to contact any third parties for donations?
    No, you don't have to contact anybody for donations, you will be getting them by mail from
    our regional manager.

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    Re: Vincent Black Foundation - Legit?

    sorry, that is a common scam. the crook, perhaps in nigeria or romania will have stolen money or bad checks sent to you.

    your job is to receive these funds then send, by western union, cash, all or most of the money to the crook.

    western union is not tracable, can be picked up by anybody at 1000's of locations around the world. the crook cannot be found. the police will find you, and then your "job" will again be open for a new patsy.

    it doesn't matter what name they say their company is, it either doesn't exist, or if the company does exist, its name is being used without permission.
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    Re: Vincent Black Foundation - Legit?

    I received the exact same e-mail. Report to local authorities does little to stop scammers. Block messages to deter more scam mail. DO NOT respond.

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