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    Alphasurf.biz paid ( not a scam )

    Hi ALL!!!!

    Can I to introduce the one program!!!

    This one is the best so far,This admin Paid 10 times,He is abnormal I asked for money at 6:30 am on a friday and had my money by 7.15am!!!!!

    must try!!!!!


    Earn 20% Daily
    Earn 5% Ref. Comm.
    Upgrade Unit Costs $1
    Upgrade Last 7 Days
    Surf 20 Pages To Earn
    Low $1.00 Cashout
    No Cashout For Free Member!
    Must Upgrade Within 48 hours
    Be Cool!

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    Re: Alphasurf.biz paid ( not a scam )

    Holy, what bad web design.
    I wish you good luck. But personally, I wouldn't put my money in autosurfs for now.

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