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    Re: Tony Quarles Auctions

    Quote Originally Posted by racegirl View Post
    has anyone out there heard of this guy? I bought a part from him off ebay and he hasn't sent the item. Ebay says since it is over 45 days they won't help out with getting this guy to send the part, I have tried to call them and no one answers! Either it just rings or it says the mailbox is too full. This is really upsetting as he just won't call me, or send me my part that I bought and paid for. Anyone out there know this guy I would like to be notified. And warn anyone be careful of his auctions they don't hold up their part of the deal :errr:
    If you paid through paypal, contact them and tell them whats going on. Sometimes they can get you your money back. If nothing else they'll be aware of his actions and possibly make it harder for him to scam somebody else.

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    Re: Tony Quarles Auctions

    Thanks I didn't think of Pay Pal. we contacted Ebay and they don't do anything if it has been over 45 days. Which really stinks. I will try Pay Pal. yb:

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    Re: Tony Quarles Auctions

    I wanted to send out a warning to anyone who deals with Tony Quarles or Wendy Quarles auctions they are not honest people they don't return phone call THEY DON'T EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE!!
    We bought this item back in Jan and haven't seen the item nor have we been able to get into contact with Tony!!! I even sent a certified letter to Tony he signed for it and STILL NO CONTACT FROM HIM!!! So if anyone out there is thinking of buying something from his auctions or from Wendy Quarles auction on Ebay I would steer clear you might spend a whole lot of money for nothing. AGAIN BE CAREFUL OF DEALING WITH TONY QUARELS!!!:

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    Re: Tony Quarles Auctions

    If your thinking of going to one of Tony Quarles Auctions I suggest you read my other thread. He is not an honest person doesn't hold his end of a deal. He never answers his phone.:errr: We have been trying to talk to him for months and he never responds. I am going to keep this thread going until he call us or until everyone out there knows about what he has done. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM TONY QUARLES RACE AUCTIONS OR FROM WENDY QUARLES EBAY AUCTIONS. If you do you may be very sorry because they don't send you what you buy and never pick up the phone. All Tony would have to do is tell us what is going on,:shoutingg: we are understanding people and would just like an answer to why we didn't get what we paid for. That's all We ask! :zx11pissed:

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    Have I been scammed?

    Yeah I just want other peoples advice to see if Ive been scammed or not, and what actions I should take. I'm new to this scamming stuff.

    Ok well I just bought a Blu Ray Movie from this guy on Ebay. He registered on July 21st and has no feedback. But he has a store on ebay with a few other items. It was a buy it now offer and i bought it. It cost 15$. On the movie description it said to pay him by paypal Invoice, and i dont know what that it so i assumed its just regular paypal.

    So i paid through paypal. Paypal says hes not a paypal user and he has yet to claim his money.

    I dont know what to do. Seems fishy he doesnt have a paypal account and he wont reply to my emails. I asked him when i Should expect my item and such.

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    Re: Have I been scammed?

    Yes, sounds like you have been scammed, sorry.

    it said to pay him by paypal Invoice
    Did "paypal" send you an email? Saying to send them the payment information as part of a buyer/seller protection plan? Did you use moneygram, Western Union or a bank transfer?

    A bit more information would help in making a definitive decision. Could you post up the email addresses and the emails themselves? Both would help greatly in figuring this out for you.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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    tecnicaly not a scam but alert beware of the....

    All those online auctions claiming big savings are as close to a scam as you can get the auction does not end until they made enough to pay for the item many times over and they have inside bidders raising the price forcing you to bid again and the timer is off it never seems to end when the timer stops they claim due to bidding war thats BS and most of the time their bidder wins its totally rigged. They throw a bone and let people win sometimes to keep big spenders around and so they can have people say look what i won for $18 a plasma tv. 99.999999% If they charge you for points or membership probably a scam in some way, if its too good to be true it is. Am ipad for $10 yeah right not even a broken one. Some do sell them for that to some lucky sap but the milk so many points you have to pay for from the bidders the earn enough to pay for 5 new ipads at retail and it is pure luck you won the bid. 99.999% of the bidders pay for points and loose them and buy more and more....like the odds in Vegas better.
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    Re: tecnicaly not a scam but junk alert beware of

    While that may be true, there's one site called Listia which is based on points and doesn't scam you (that's if you list auctions yourself). I absolutely love that place. As long as you have enough credits, you can get pretty much anything free. Juicy Couture, Coach, Prada, etc purses, a Wii, DSi, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, makeup, laptops, and just about anything for FREE.

    Of course, it's a user based community, so people have to be willing to list these things. But it's pretty awesome if you're a new mother and can't afford new baby clothes, or you have something of your own you want to get rid of but don't want to deal with eBay fees.

    Recently, I just got some perfume, a NWT designer necklace, some stamps for my collection, and some skincare products. I myself put a new pair of shoes I never wore because they were too small, a Canon compact printer, and a bundle of magnets, stickers, badges, and other cool stuff.


    EDIT: Of course, it's like eBay in a way and there are some bad apples out there, but if you play it safe, it's a great site.

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    SCAM claudiaoutlet EBAY seller STAY WAY!

    I have bought and sold many 1000's of products on Ebay and overall been satisfied however claudiaoutlet is by far the most dishonest seller I have ever had the displeasure of buying from! I bought 100 Maybelline Water Proof mascaras and paid to have them shipped to Brazil (where I live 6 months a year. It took the seller 1 week to responded to messages and 3 weeks to ship. Customs is very slow in Brazil and by the time I received my items almost 3 months had passed. What I received was 27 of what I ordered and the other 73 was just junk they could not sell on Ebay! To make it worse Brazil customs charges more than 100% in taxes both on imported products, shipping and insurance charges. I contacted the seller the same day and they spoke as if they would resolve the issue with a partial refund but in truth I should have known better no one accidentally ships 73 incorrect items by accident! We went back and forth by email and all of a sudden all communication stopped! I logged into Ebay and wouldn't you know the last day for me to leave feedback had expired! I filed a claim but the only thing Ebay would do is have me ship all item back. Given I had already dropped 60.00 in shipping paid more than 100.00 in Brazilian taxes and would have to drop another 80 to ship back and the seller already proved themselves to be dishonest it did not make sense to do so. Just wanted everyone to know my experience with this seller as these were not honest mistakes but rather deliberate attempt to defraud their buyers. There feedback is very poor (98%) compared to other sellers that have a 10000+ sales and that should have been another clue for me. They have negative feedback ranging from non-receipt of products with no responses to emails to selling rancid expired creams and makeup! BUYER BEWARE OF claudiaoutlet!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Original Fragrance on eBay is a SCAM

    Be careful purchasing any fragrances or colognes from Original Fragrance on eBay.


    They sell fake / counterfeit perfumes and colognes. I purchased from them recently and it was obvious from the packaging and the smell that the perfume was a fake. They do not respond to emails when contacted about it.

    Be careful and avoid.

    They also sell under the website http://www.maxperfumez.com

    Business Name:

    Bbms Trading Inc

    Bernan Hsui
    Gary Yu
    Man Yi Li

    [email protected]
    [email protected]



    820 E 9th Street
    Los Angeles CA 90021

    855 W. El Repetto Dr
    Apt #14C
    Monterey Park, CA 91754

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