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    Iran: illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to rig e

    Iran "elections" 2009: Moussavi defeats illuminati agent Ahmadinejad, yet Illuminati immediately reacted proving that they are not ready to lose control, by falsifying the results. In other words: despite exit polls of 65% for Moussavi, Ahmadinejad claims victory with 69%... (a)

    Reminder - Prophet's words, 5 days ago, 7 June 2009 (1):
    IRAN: Today's Rally proves Moussavi will defeat illuminati agent Ahmadinejad
    If you are confused by these news, then you are a beast that believes that Ahmadinejad, the key actor besides the anti-pope in the "deny the Holocaust" agenda, is not an illuminati agent (2)

    CIA psy-op D. Bunker ("Senior Forum Moderator") replies:
    "I do believe the Mullah's are indicating a potentially more amiable administration could replace the current one, but it is the Mullah's that run Iran, not Ahmadinejad."

    Prophet replies:
    Bunker, Repeating the illuminati's media story is NOT replying to this article.

    Poster replies:
    Democracy at work.
    As long as it's a fair election, with no CIA meddling, or computerized vote fraud foolishness like we have here in Amerika, why would anyone have a problem with Iranians choosing their leaders by way of the ballot box?

    Prophet replies:
    Correct. The difference to India:
    From "moon" "landing" 1969 to "elections" in world's largest "democracy", India 2009

    (a) Added 2 days later, June 14: "corrected" to "only" 63% followed by another End Times Irony: Hillary Clinton becomes the second to echo the Ahmadinedjad Hoax, first exposed by Prophet.

    From CNN to Al-jazeera, from France24 to BBC, hide Moussavi's fate and hundreds of his supporters jailed and murdered, while they try to convince the audience that the protesters are a minority of students. To prove it, they non-stop broadcast "press conferences" by Ahmadinejad and his Goebbels "information" ministerm while they non stop use the exppression "a sea of people" to describe 50,000 in a rally supporting Ahmadinejad, where a large share was bussed to Tehran.
    Poster interpreter replies (see first reply): (3)
    "Ahmadinejad is evidently one of the demon possessed leaders of the east who start the Battle of Ar Mageddon.

    "You mean Fake Armageddon, in NATO script, with Iran launching a nuclear attack against Israel.For the real Armageddon take the path to the TRUTH:

    Poster broederbond replies (see second reply)
    "Any PROOF that Hossein Mossavi, is the 'REAL' Iran election winner ???????????"

    Proof is the same as in the US 2004 and 2008 (McCain with 5 million mulitplied by 12) or Stalin's 99.8% of the votes.
    THEY (or in the computerized version, their software) do not let anyone else count the votes.
    US Attack to Iran for dummies or NATO v Jihad Hoax: Iran: illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to steal election from Mousavi Khameneh, as predicted

    Difference between McCain and Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad does NOT play the loser role, in the two scripts, authored by one and the same.
    Difference between Kerry and Moussavi: Moussavi does NOT belong to the same secret society as the actor playing the winner role (Bush 2004 and Ahmadinejad 2009), unlike
    Kerry, the actor playing the loser role.

    (1) To a forum managed by CIA Web of Disinfo:

    (2) Attack to Iran Hoax - another Best Seller Illuminati Hoax, even after Illuminati replaced the Queen of England with Ahmadinejad, as TV messenger for the very last Christmas of Illuminati End Times
    (3) Media of NATO countries censors fate of Hossein Mossavi, REAL Iran election winner
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    Re: Iran: illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to r

    One doesn't have to look too closely at Ahmadinejad to see that he is a demented, narrow-minded cretan puppet of the Iotalah Komenha. Anyone with eyes close together like that, that is a tell-tale feature of a simpleton and a pervert. Also, one that is easily swayed and owned by others.
    The only way that they would ever achieve democracy there in Iran is if there is a revolt against the Shirah principles of Islam. For that matter, the way Islam is structured it will never tolerate democracy; principally reasonable freedom and equal rights.
    We are gradually being invaded ever more here by Muslims, many who like our democracy. However, it is only a matter of time that the fanatic fundamentalist will establish theirself in full-force. Then, these peaceful Muslims will cave into them rather than deny and have conflict with them. As they feel that this would basically go against Islam which they are brainwashed to no do.
    They are already here; the jihadist, judging from the drive by shooting at the Army Recruiting Center and several other situations such as attempted Sinagouge bombings and defacing.
    It is just a matter of time before Pakistan is destroyed and fouled by these rag-headed devils. They have already started. They don't have the pride and intelligent to build an advanced, peacful and progressive nation but they can certainly foul and destroy it quickly. Add a curse on the Imams that are behind all of this. They continue their brains washings of the young boys in the Madrashes because they desire mainly several things; power, wealth and some of them, young boys to sodomize on a regular basis.

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    Open borders

    the reason why you don't get it is because you did not get the basics.

    OPEN BORDERS agenda - HORRIBLE TRUTH why it is a KEY illuminati tactic

    Two obvious goals
    One of the End Times Hoaxes is to convince the sheeple that the goal of the illuminati OPEN BORDERS policy is only:
    - to maximize profits, using illegal aliens as weapon to lower wages;
    - to minimize dissatisfaction of non-alien labor force, by having aliens do the jobs that non-aliens would not like to do.

    But what are the two ultimate goals?
    End Times Prophet Matt Marriott was the first to explain what the two goals beyond these obvious ones really are-
    The first one: to use them as terror weapon against non-aliens (1), during the process of transition to the terror state (2), until they all (aliens and non-aliens) are slaughtered. (3)

    After reading "Three possibilities of Ethnic civil wars: none in A-plan, supervised in B-plan and inevitable in NO plan" (4), anyone should be able to state what the second ultimate goal is, even when that goal was not originally part of the A plan. (5)

    (1) Besides using aliens to terrorize non-aliens , aliens are also given passports:
    - to cloud statistics for percentage of foreigners (before stage where all statistics completely falsified);
    - to help get the right results in elections (before stage where voting machines alone do the job), as illustrated in the case of one of the last elections where there really was something at stake (see "Chirac counts on jungle tribes to swing EU vote"):
    (2) "How to" Handbook that Illuminati use: Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

    (3) From 1998: Illuminati Basics, recommended also for children to read:

    (4) Explained again while detailing Obama's role in A and B plan
    (5) Keeping postponing the choice of A or B shows how desperate the illuminati are

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