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    Gregory P. Cobbs - Proof of Funds - Scam

    Gregory P. Cobbs, of Strategic Thinking, LLC, Morristown New Jersey, contracted our group plus 2 others, in February 2008, to provide a $100 million dollar Proof Of Funds. He said that he could do this via his partners out of Dubai and Spain, where he travels to often. He charged my group upfront $175,000, charged Vic C. $100,000 and Chris G. $750,000. My group was to receive 2 x $100m POF, and the other 2 groups were going to receive $100m each POF. After 2 months, we all became suspicious that he was not going to produce the POFís. We asked for our money back hundreds of times (on record) and was never received. In fact, as of June 3rd, 2009, he even provided a fraudulent CIBC Bank (Canada) statement stating that Gregory P. Cobbs had $10,500,000 (USD) in the account and that we would receive our refund out of that. In fact, he provided a fraudulent wire transfer number and CIBC Bank screenshot, showing that the transfer had been made. We called CIBC bank to verify the account number that Cobbs provided as well as the transfer code and the bank officers stated that both the account number and wire transfer number does not exist. It appears that Mr. Cobbs, fraudulently created these CIBC Bank documents on his own personal computer. After further investigation, it turns out that Gregory P. Cobbs, is a business professor at Felician College, and a Deacon of St. Peterís Episcopal Church, in Morristown, New Jersey, and also represents himself as a Doctor. Doctor of what, and whether those credentials are legitimate, also needs further investigation. Because as it also turns out, that Gregory P. Cobbs, is dis-barred New Jersey attorney. He was dis-barred in 1995, for the misappropriation of clients funds in the attorney trust account. All information contained here is completely verifiable, including the numerous emails from Mr. Cobbs, stating that he was going to refund our money, over and over again, only to never transfer these funds (emails available upon request), copies of contracts, wire transfers from our account, into Cobbs credit union account (available upon request), copies of forged CIBC bank statements, showing that Cobbs claimed he has $10,500,000 in his account (available upon request) and the document showing that Gregory P. Cobbs is a dis-barred and disgraced ex-attorney for stealing is clientís money. NONE of this was made up and EVERTHING is verifiable. We believe he is money laundering at the very least, and without question, we believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg as we believe that there are many other unknown lies and fraudulent activities going on, as he poses as a respectable college professor and church deacon. To date, we have been ripped off for over $1,000,000 by Gregory P. Cobbs. Without question, others have too.

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    Re: Gregory P. Cobbs - Proof of Funds - Scam

    Email me at:


    just one or two docs as proves

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